Galentines Day: Gal Friends Unite!

All my girlfriends are special to me in their own way. Some are close and some are far. What matters to me with friendships is loyalty. Not the kind of loyalty where its one sided. I need friends who can own their stuff and come correct in a relationship. Friends who can apologize for their short comings and don’t just want to pick up where we left off without changed behaviors.


Friends are like the family you choose. I call them my framily. They are the ones who I can call about anything and they pick up. The ones who would get a flight in the middle of a crisis. The ones who support without being asked. The ones who cheer the loudest in the room. Friends are the spice of life. Your friends matter. I had been having issues in the last few years because a lot of my friends are states away. They are all over the world. Some of them share and hide all the bones. They know where the secrets are and even during a disagreement, they ain’t spilling the tea. 

Galentine’s Day Meaning

Galentines Day is a celebration of having dope friends who just simply rock out with you through the ups and down phases of life. Galentine’s Day is special because not everyone has a significant other but can still be loved on by their friends. Ladies love to get together to talk and drink fancy drinks and have a great time.  Trust me its about time for the world to come around to women supporting women especially during the Valentine’s holiday. Some of our friends are recently divorced. Some of our friends are single and frustrated. Although girlfriend time won’ttake the pain of that away having some girl time helps to make you forgot about stress for a moment. It’s a time to enjoy each other’s company.

Another Manmade Holiday

I know people come in with their attitudes about how the country is just marketing off this manmade holiday. Most if not all are manmade. However, it’s a great excuse to connect or reconnect with your girlfriends and celebrate what makes your group of ladies’ rock. I had the opportunity to spend some time with my girl Kyla. We have a new tradition of meeting up or attempting to meet up monthly. We fell off towards the end of last year and are committed to making it happen on a regular schedule in 2020. So, this is was our second meet up for the year. 

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

We choose Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in King of Prussia. The staff were very hands on. From making sure we were seated to giving us all the love that we needed we were well taken care of. The food and the drinks were amazing. Oh the dessert tray or cart lawd it’s hard to pass when it rolls up to you!

FYI, they have a Valentine’s Day special that includes 3 courses for $85 per person. I would highly recommend making reservations. As always, we were able to catch up. Side note I was still jetlagged, so I was tired, but Kyla didn’t judge me.

Pressed Up

I had shirts made for the occasion from Pressed Up. If you follow me, I ordered their Dear Santa bring Wine shirt that I premiered during Christmas.

I always love a great conversation statement shirt. I am well known for them for all occasions. I highly recommend Pressed Up. The owners are women and you know I am here for supporting women in business. So be on the lookout for my shirts to be popping for these next couple of holidays.  

Thank you, Kyla, for a great time. You always come with the best gifts and love. Thank you to Davio’s who made our early Galentine’s Day super special. We shall see where we go for the month of March. We are always looking to add different restaurants or things to do.  

So, who do you want to share your Galentine’s Day with today if you could? I would have a spread of my good wine, good food, cute pajamas, and all the desserts we could stand to have a great Galentine’s Day with all my girlfriends. Happy Galentine’s or I have seen some change it to Palentine’s Day. Rock out wit your super bomb group of friends whatever you call today and make sure you let your friends know they rock!

Ruth and Estelle; A Sequins of Fortunate Events

I laughed so hard, but it was hard to not laugh. Ruth and Estelle were hilarious. Two best friends who move with a dream to make it big in New York city with not much to their name. They come into the city with fresh eyes and wit and find themselves in a dilemma to make something of themselves.


Ruth and Estelle show that friendship and support is what you need to make any dream come true along with hard work. From the gate, both ladies have these larger than life personalities that makes it impossible for them to stay in their small towns. New York was made for them. Their first day in the Big Apple and they are already taking the little that they have and making it work. I love the fun in how they “view” their new neighbor. I knew from that point that I had made the right decision to be at this production. Listening to them speak was like watching the familiarity with my best friends. We are loud. We are fun. We are like sisters. We forge a web of love between us that sometimes can’t be understood. That forge of love has gotten us all through divorces, marriage, and childbirth and beyond. Ruth and Estelle have that same bond of friendship even if its lightly implicated that they may be a couple. 

Sequin Dreams

Moving from what you know and what is comfortable isn’t always easy but these ladies along with their sequins make it all better. In real life sometimes a little sequin and a little sparkle does the trick all the time. These ladies share their affectious love for one another to others along their way. They find that they have a unique niche to set people up with their lost loves. The fun way that they approach life doesn’t stop tragedy from happening as an unexpected fire is set to thwart their dreams. Ruth and Estelle are the epitome of having your gift make room for itself. When you have a gift inside of you it’s amazing to know that no matter what you do, the gift inside of you will find ways of getting out and expressing that you need to tap into it to get a sense of fulfillment in this world.  

Laughter is the success to Life

Laughter is the way to keep a positive outlook in this life. The world already is full of drama and pain. It felt nice to sit during this production that was of women and enjoy the show. It took me away from whatever I may have on my plate just for a second. Listening to Ruth and Estelle you feel like you were there. You were there as they started new jobs. You see the ladies support each other through these hustles of making it happen. Everyone knows that in New York you must be able to do more than one job to get you where you need to be. I also had never been to The Bagel Place located at 404 Queen Street in Philadelphia. I also love that not only did Amanda Jill Robinson and Jenna Pinchbeck write in the production they also starred in it. It was directed by Nate Golden. During the show I was able to enjoy a great chocolate chip muffin and a glass of the Sweet Susanna-its their business venture and it will make sense once you see it. This production won’t last long the final show is on February 16th at 730! This is a great addition to the Philly Theatre Week. I also highly recommend that you catch Amanda and Jenna on their podcast; Learning through Laughter. 

I must give my praise for this production. Both ladies have enough laughter, care and understanding that you just love to love them. Let me know what you think when you see the production. They rounded out my Sunday Funday and I left better than I came!

Thank you ladies, Amanda and Jenna and the team that supports you! Thank you to the Bagel Place for the great snacks! Thank you Theatre Philadelphia and Aversa PR!!

I ❤️ Alice

The most beautiful love story that isn’t filled with cookie cutter presence. Love that unfolds mixed with uncertainty, a few doses of patience, and an uphill battle to allow love to be what it is pure and whole. I laughed from beginning to end but it was a laughter from familiarity. Love is special between two people even if those people just happens to be two women in Ireland who share a kiss inside of a grocery store. Alice and Alice just made me want to love better and on purpose.

Where did you share your first kiss? I personally shared my very first kiss after church of all places. I was giddy and just so full of puppy love. I didn’t even know myself. My first kiss with my now husband was inside of my dormitory. Something about that kiss let me know we would be where we are now. I knew he was my forever in just one kiss. It was magnificent and reassuring. Imagine having that first kiss as two women at a time when it was taboo to have and in public. Imagine someone seeing you and wanting to ask you questions about your journey. We see love now as love being love that covers multitudes of lines. It crosses all genres and it crosses all stereotypes. Alice and Alice didn’t live in that time. They were before their time.  They had the weight of this love and stepping out in it and wondering if this “thing” was real.

I took my husband of whom I shared that magnificent kiss. We sat next to each other watching both Allices share their story. Their story mirrors ours. Each perspective of each other quite different than the other. Each love story having cracks and fishers. However, the love was strong enough to push through angry times, times of unsettling. I watched him laugh and enjoy the show. I looked at both ladies and they had their shares of imperfect moments. There’s an affair well at least 2 of them. The lines were blurred. One not feeling as if they had gotten what they needed from the other. I was glad to see this. I love to see the heartaches of love. In the beginning of love, you always have these amazing moments but that first disagreement, first sign of tension shows you who you have in front of you. Are the one who will bear the weather. Alice had to watch as Alice endured breast cancer. A challenge that would knock anyone of the love train. 

I felt nervous for them. I felt every pain. Both women gave of themselves in this production. It was witty, engaging, and beautiful. I remember leaving and feeling so peaceful in their love as I enjoyed the hand of my husband. We don’t always get quiet moments. We are always on the go. We talked about the production and how much it was just the best love story that had to be told. I love the documentary style that the production provided. It was like watching a love game show to me where you hope the stories mirror but in this case it didn’t always. Alice fed off Alice and then the other way around. Both women remarkably candid. I knew that this was about two women’s story of love and the support that it gives for the LGBTQ+ community but if I can be honest, I saw past that. It was a love story. It was simply just beautiful. One of the most beautiful one that I had seen in quite time. It was like a movie and a coming into the confidence of that  love. 

Sometimes when you hear about same sex couples the focus is on the trauma of acceptance. They were simply loving like everyone else. They were simply trying to shower themselves in as much love they could possibly give. Their love was affectious. It was simply two women who just happen to be women loving one another. This takes the truest form of Love is Love to what it should truly mean. Sometimes I believe that heterosexual folks say Love is Love to make sure they show solidarity for LGBTQ+ but I love Alice is the production that teaches what Love looks like. Its not about getting others to accept it but showcasing and calling you to love better while you watch love take flight. 

Love is like an envelope you know what you put into it you will get back in return, but you know there are times when what’s in the envelope challenges you as well. What will you do with the expectation of love? Let it overflow and make the decision to love and don’t forget love as the foundation of all you do. This is a production for all. Everyone who thinks they are in love, want love, or simply need a new sprinkle of love needs to be in the seats. Alice’s love for Alice is that production that challenges you to simply enjoy love for what it is to be. 

Yes, Alice and Alice are two women both named Alice. I love Alice was written by Amy Conroy and co-directed by Gay Carducci and Rachel Gluck. It stars Trice Baldwin Browns and Aetna Gallagher as Alice respectively. I love Alice is being shown at one of my favorite theatres, Curio Theatre located at 4740 Baltimore Avenue in West Philly. It’s a gem of a theatre. Also know that I love Alice will be in production until February 29, 2020 and makes a great Valentines Day gift. Allot a little time for parking. There is a lot at 4716-23 Baltimore Avenue when available. I usually elect to park on the street and so far, I have yet to have issues. The staff at Curio are always super welcoming. You will have a great experience while there. Thanks to Carrie Gorn, and Curio Theatre for having me. This production is such a great way to experience Philly Theatre Week. Thank you to my forever date, Marques!

Quintessence Theatre Presents: Rachel by Angelina Weld Grimké

I brought my tissues for this production because I wasn’t sure how deep they would go into the disparities into Blacks during the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a time of changing the way Blacks were perceived however just like with things today, having white people open their eyes to have amazingly educated, and worthy that we are is still an ever-present issue.  Rachel played by Jessica Johnson is one of those productions that is almost predictive of the struggles we would fight. Set in 1915 this film is like the light bulb to our time now. NAACP commissioned Angelina Grimke to write this from the perspective of Blacks to the audience of Whites so that it could open the eyes of them in hopes of change. Grimke and her sister are first generations whose grandfather was a slave. The vision that education would be the key to making a better life was and is now a tool that many thoughts would provide a better life. However, with Rachel we see how we are seen-dirty, ugly, and useless outside of servitude. My review is going to draw on so many parallels that I saw and how I felt. This was directed by Alexandra Espinoza who I knew I had seen before and realized I recognized her from Azuka Theatre’s Boycott Esther which I had written a blog post for. 


This all-star studded and all Black cast brought the emotions that was felt from start to finish. One of the first things that touched me was Rachel’s optimism. She made me feel like she was my daughter. My own daughter’s optimism is super affectious. She is happy and go lucky. You see her and Ma Loving going back forth like typical mother and daughters do. I noticed the uneasiness in how Ma Loving showed. Immediately I knew there was some trauma that wasn’t being told. It was in the way that Ma Loving interacted, her word choices, and her body language. I want to take this time to talk about that for a moment. The way we interact with our children matters. Sometimes our own traumas and pain can be transferred to our children. I know for me on a personal level my own trauma was heightened when I had my first child. Something about childbirth that pulled on me and immediately I had the mindset to get into therapy. I saw no way that I could parent without out. How many parents do you know today with their traumas that have been unresolved that is being projected onto their own kids? 


Zuhairah McGill plays Ma Loving and I recently saw her in the production of DOT at People’s Light. She plays the heck out of Ma Loving. I saw my mother in her. Pushing through after the lynching of her husband and son 10 years earlier. This is the trauma that comes out that she kept from Rachel and her brother, Tom played by Travoye Joyner. Once this trauma is revealed you see an immediate change in Rachel and Tom but especially Rachel. Rachel whose dream is to have a lot of children and provide a safe space is no longer there in its same glorious light. She still despite her killed dreams pushes through and takes a liking to Lil Jimmy the neighborhood kid who even in his relationship pulls further on the trauma of Ma Loving as well as contributes to the trauma to Rachel. As they all heal or attempt to heal the breaks is still present and you see Rachel unfold.

Birth or not to birth

Now even though the play centers around Rachel who decides to not have children of her own because of the pain that birthing children into the world where they could be called such things as Niggers, killed, or beaten parrells today. I think about my children as evil as it is in general its that much worse because they are black. I must have conversations with my kids that white people don’t have to have. Even my 8-year-old son has been taught what to do when he is approached by a police officer. Keep his hands present, be polite, answer with the upmost respect. Don’t step out of line in word or deed so that he can come home and yet, he’s here. I love him and my daughters and couldn’t imagine life without him but the fear that maybe if I hadn’t had children I wouldn’t have to bear the stress that I have when they aren’t in my sight is real and traumatic and a fear that ALL blacks feel. It doesn’t matter if we are law abiding citizens or college educated, we are in this world where even after all this time are devalued and made to feel less than our counterparts. This is the fear that Rachel has and because of her father and brother being lynched has decided to never have children. One of the things that I loved at seeing Rachel this past Sunday is that they had a after talk and pretalk about the production. I heard some of the audience think that Rachel was fragile when I see her just like most black mothers, she is strong, unraveling but during her unraveling she wakes up and does what she must. 

Cries in the dark

Little Jimmy experiences his first insult to his being. He is called Nigger. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just simply existed. I have blogged this many time, I was a straight A student since the 2nd grade. I had a student call me a Nigger to my face and for what? I had nothing wrong. This was in the early 90s. My own teacher changed my name from LaToi to Denise because my name was too ethnic for him to remember. I also had grades changed because college wasn’t on the horizon for me.  I am personally afraid for my own kids. It hasn’t gotten so much better that the ideal of this becoming their reality is gone. I can’t think that because my husband and I are both college graduates, homeowners, and affluent that they will escape what Jimmy experienced. The media paints racial divide as a choice only given to the Blacks who gang bang and commit crimes but do police or others have a way of choosing just “those Black” folks? Not that I am aware of. 

Come with me

Rachel is fancied by the neighbor John Strong played by newcomer Walter Deshields. He at first comes in and you can see some sparks between the two. We find out that he goes and buys a flat for him and Rachel to raise a family and become one. Rachel’s decree to never have kids is something she tells him and then lets him know that because of this decree she can’t unite with him. She can’t bring herself to be there for Little Jimmy and have children seeing the despair it has brought to know that kids are being attacked for no reason simply because they are black.  I watched the audience clutch their imaginary pears as Jimmy cried out in his nightmares reliving the moment he was devalued repeatedly. How much more for the other children in this world? They don’t understand why the kid who was taught racism at home is piercing at him like he’s a science experience. Why the girl has someone petting her hair as if her hair is some nuance. These things matter. These things hurt. Rachel is complex. There are a lot of things that are seen when you see the breakdown between Camiel Taylor who plays both Ethel and Louise who is broken. Her mother, Nia Colbert who plays Mrs. Lane is in despair but again she is doing what she can to provide a better life for her child even if that means living where she can’t afford. You see this mental break down and I resonated with that. My parents moved us from a nice neighborhood to one that wasn’t as nice just because the nicer neighborhood practically moved us out with the breakdown of how they treated us. Stay in the nice neighborhood and watch your child be called everything but a child of God or go to a lower neighborhood so we can be with likeminded individuals? The choice is hard. I want to give it up to young Jimmy played by Donavan Bazemore.


So much to unpack. So much to take in but Grimke was before her time. She understood and wrote this production from the pain of all Black people who know how real this is. This is everyday being Black. As many people want to act like we have arrived because there is more advancement it won’t be right until no child or adult is broken down simply from being born. Is it better to take the child out or watch them die slowly? Rachel gives us a glimpse into the slow death of our people. I need all of us to see this. Talk about it. Be an ally if you aren’t Black. Don’t just watch and clutch your pearls and say how shameful it is if you have no intentions in speaking up amid your own friends and family about the inherent racism that still exists.

Rachel is showing until February 23rd! Quintessence Theatre is locate at 7136 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia PA! Thank you to Carrie Gorn, Quintessence Theatre and Aversa PR for having me!

Monday Motivation: Fear of Trying Something Different

It’s no secret that I have always considered myself pretty bold. I love trying new things but that doesn’t mean that every now and again that I don’t get nervous about trying a few new things here and there. I think we all can relate. The fear of the unknown can sometimes be super debilitating. It’s the wonders of what will take place that can leave us a little stuck.

Bring fear along?

With that being said one thing that works for me is to bring fear with me. Yes I know we aren’t supposed to walk in fear but if we are real there are times when fear falls off as you walk with it attempting to hold onto you. I took a boxing class for the first time and I was scared. I was scared that I would look crazy. As much as I run and work out I do not always like organized classes. I am learning that about myself because I always feel like everyone is on point and I am not. So worrying about others has me in the gym free styling or at home doing a home work out. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter right? All that needs to be done is to work out. However when the reasons as to why I hold back don’t make sense than yes it’s time to move past fear and accomplish the goals I set out and that’s to be physically fit and now I am working on toning this body. I haven’t gone up on the scale but my stomach and arms are out of sync and that is what I am working on. Boxing is a great way to definitely give tone definition. 

Clumsy but got it done

During this class you should have seen my face. When I am unsure about something I am not as organized. I had all these bags, I barely got parked before it started and I almost walked into the men’s bathroom. I get real clumsy when I get nervous but the staff at Do your Rumble say me, acknowledged me and helped me get past my jitters. Shout out to Molly who arranged for us to come and try out the class to begin with. I follow her and see most of her post and really admire her but when she asked initially if anyone wanted to take a class, I just scrolled past. I knew deep down I wouldn’t just go. While I was in LA she sent me a direct message and I was like okay Lord I hear you let’s do this. I think I hit her with a let me check my schedule which was true I wanted to get through LA first and circle back. Thankfully I didn’t do my normal out of sight, out of mind and let the opportunity pass me. 

Frances Dilone

The class itself had a warm up and 5 minute pre class so we could go over the moves. The moves are simple on the bag it’s the combinations and paying attention that I was more concerned with. However I was actually getting it. We switched sides and did the weight training etc. and I was shocked that I was getting it too. Can we just shout out Frances Dilone our amazing instructor whose high energy was what I needed from the start? She is hands on, encouraging and she is the reason I didn’t want to give up. She kept reminding us to not give up on ourselves. That is a whole word right? Giving up is easy, staying the course isn’t always ideal but having someone push you helps. 

Beginners nerves

Do your Rumble is not hard even for a clumsy beginner even for me. I was happy to see that the class is super organized and everyone in the gym really knows what they are doing in regards to making everyone feel special. Molly thank you for having me and Do your Rumble I am going to lock down some more classes. I have a few races and hopefully my 3rd Broad Street and my doctors have challenged me to other work outs outside of run and spin class. With that in mind, Do your Rumble is a great exercise that will help me with my problem areas. Do your Rumble is located at 1520 Walnut Street. Funny part is even though I kept telling myself I didn’t know where it was, I realized once I got there that I have passed this location several times going to events and never tuned into it. Well I want you to tune into it. Who knows maybe when you take a class you will see me. I plan to add this into my life at least 2 times a month along with my workouts and weekly runs as I increase from once a week to 2 times a week on the ground. As I get closer to the races that I have scheduled I will most definitely increase more workouts.

Why does my class serve as a Monday motivation? Simple-we all have a fear somewhere. We all have somewhere we feel a tug to do something we have been putting off that is going to be a great inspiration to us and a way to build us up but we are too scared to try it. Whether you try do your Rumble like I did, is great but pushing past that fear and making you a priority in life is. It’s important for you to reach all of the goals. If I won’t make myself take a class how will I even be in alignment to have an increase in my life to open up? Don’t close up other opportunities by being closed minded. 

PS Do Your Rumble has a beautiful facility for showering. They provide towels and even some toiletries. You pay for your gloves and hand wraps ($3). Once you pay for the wraps they are yours to keep. The gloves are rented for $5 unless you bring your own. They have a lot of lockers that you don’t even need locks for. It’s convenient they take the guess work so you can concentrate on the working out and showing up for yourself. Come comfy and ready to work they will take care of the rest!

Look at this Girl Gang?

Sunday Motivation: Live and Let Love

 We are going into Love week and let me just say that there will be so many mixed emotions. When I was single and I mean single single-no date, no one on the bench and I just kept wanting to be married Valentine’s Day was hard. I get it. I didn’t know anything about self-care so that days like this could sting a little less. 

One thing and what I am about to say of course is my personal feelings: wanting to be married and having marriage be the only thing you have on your mind are two different things. When all I had was getting married on my brain it caused me to emotional spiral. It was hard to see past this supposed desire. Where did it come from? I take full responsibilities for my feelings. I could blame it on a number of things but one aspect I am going to mention is being a married mind church didn’t help. By the time I had even gotten to 18 all I heard is going to college is nice but being married and building a future with someone was better. Like honestly how was I supposed to build a life at 18 with a man when I had never lived on my own? Hadn’t made my own money? Hadn’t traveled? Hadn’t figured me out? Didn’t know what I loved? These are things no one explores at least at my childhood church unless you navigate it with another person. Many of the marriages that started during my early adult years have fizzled out. The divorce rate is high if I count those marriages. Just because you have an extreme like for someone, love and commitment is another. Loving the Lord is not enough to make a marriage work.

Spoon-fed Marriage

Many of the couples were pushed to be married because we were all being spoon-fed this message. I remember going to college and meeting my now husband and thinking wow I am going to graduate and get married. He didn’t feel that same way and through that and other issues we went our separate ways. So here I was thinking if marriage is so great how come I couldn’t lock down the man I loved with everything I had? Simple-I aint have no business talking about marriage. There are some couples who can get married at 18 with pennies to their name and last. I know of one couple in mind that I grew up with and they still going strong. That’s not everyone else’s story. I didn’t want a man to stay with me just because we have kids or marry me because of children since that’s the best thing to do to keep a family together. Love. Love means work but having your stuff together is equally important. I don’t mean have all of the answers but spending time with yourself is important. 

Raw and Real Conversation

My husband and I have had this conversation and as much as we love one another and know that marriage was for us I think had I been about my business of living we wouldn’t have almost 8 years under us. Maybe a few years but definitely not that many years. I allowed this marriage minded to push us into this union before its time. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him or that our marriage wasn’t ordained from the beginning of time but we could have had the same love and union had we refocused first. Again let me reiterate he and I have had this conversation and we are comfortable with us and it. So no need to clutch your pearls. He and I have been around and knowing each other for over 20 years and we are at a place of real and raw love at this place. So these hard conversations become less and less hard to speak authentically. 

Build First

To a woman who is tired of being single, I get it. I don’t have that as my life but I get it. I get the cries seeing folks coupled up and wondering when is your time, but please build a life that once your husband comes you come to the table with something to offer. Come with passport stickers. Come with an education. Come to the table with a plan of what you want instead of allowing him to make the life for you. There’s nothing wrong with having marriage be your goal but if you ask some of those who are honest like me they will tell you that the life is hard and it’s great but its work. This isn’t an antimarriage lesson. I can’t talk down on marriage. Marriage is good but it can also be smokescreen if you haven’t spent time to be real with yourself first. If all you are doing is complaining about how there’s nothing to do in life marriage isn’t for you. What will happen when life falls and you don’t have much? If you can’t even navigate boredom how will you navigate life’s many challenges with another person? Let me guess the wings of love will carry you? Nope! It will carry you right into immediate aggravation. You don’t want that. You want your own foundation to be right so when you connect with the other person it will be solid gold. The best foundation may not protect a storm from coming but it can make you better prepared.


So to my ladies I get it but let’s live and let love come into us by being first partakers of the amazing love we can offer ourselves. You will be able to weed out some of the BS that men come with when they too can see that all you want is marriage. They will give you their last name only and you will be in a marriage alone if you don’t love on you a little longer. If you think that his leading means you stand quiet without using proper influence to get you both to greatness. Love is great when you love with full purpose. Live and Let love the right way!

A Hundred Words for Snow

Death is numb. Death leaves you feeling like you are in a wilderness or in this case an arctic wilderness. No one can tell you how you should respond to the sting of death especially for a child that has suddenly lost a child. 

This production was raw in its truth telling for Rory. A child abandoned almost twice if you think about it. Mom is engrossed in work I am sure attempting to numb the sting of death while Rory is numbing her pain in her pursuits to complete the trek that her dad set out to do before his death. Self-discovery is at an all time high. Who is Rory? A higschool student who is trying to put the pieces together. She is witty, funny and has a mouth on her for sure. Satchel Williams plays an extremely heartfelt Rory. She draws you in with her charm.  She’s  enthusiastic but also shows so much depth of character. When you have an actor or actress play the only part in a production the weight of the show is on their back. Satchel didn’t disappoint at all. She holds her own as she showcases an arrangement of emotion.

A hundred words of snow written by Tatty Hennessey is pure life circle of conflict. Internal conflict to figure out who Rory is now that the parent she most identifies with is no longer here. His death and her trek to the North Pole seems so surreal. It seems that she as she faces adult decisions will face them alone. How will her pursuit of carrying out her father’s wishes would serve to bring her full circle to dealing with the feelings she originally tried to close the door to. 

You know how it is when someone passes. You do all you can to honor their past but in the same time all the questions of life flood your soul. Rory is a young girl almost to her “prime.” She also has a sexual encounter. How in the world is she supposed to know what is right for her? She makes the decisions but like sexual encounters she gets more than just a sticky mess to deal with. The clean up of her life is about to take place. 

Parental abandonment we only talk about when a parent walks away and never returns but parental abonnement can happen while a parent has mentally and emotionally checked out as well. The doing the basic dance with no ability to check in leaves Rory to find solace in other ways. This trip is taking over her mindset. It is taking over to help her in a way. Each scene is a buildup to the other. I watched as each bag Rory picked up and the uneasiness of having no clue where to start to unpack her pain. You know pain is like a backpack of sorts. You squeeze as much as you can into them. Each later of unpacking exposes layers and layers of pain. Its debilitating at times. Rory is on this conquest to unpack the layers of her life and she doesn’t even know it. There’s a lot to think about when you travel alone. The snow for one is always so hard and cold and it seems to drag you down. So I’m not shocked by Rory‘s candid conversation with the audience. When the mind has so much to think about finding the words become easy.

Does she get to the North Pole? What happens to the layers as she unpacks them? What about her sexual encounter? These are all things you will have to unpack with Rory as you attend the showing. A hundred words of snow is set to end on Sunday February 23rd. Inis Nua Theatre is located at Bluver Theatre at the Drake, 302 S. Hicks Street. When you come; try your best to be there at least 15 minutes before the show to make sure your ticker is secured. Also, they have wine and snacks available for purchase. The show is 90 minutes with NO intermission. 

Thank you to all the staff who were so welcoming. I am always greeted with such great smiles. Thank you to Inis Nua Theatre and Aversa PR for the invitation. I enjoy my time while there always.

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