Women are just nurturing by nature. Women for the most part are usually born with certain gifts that make it easy to soothe and to be there for others. Most of these attributes don’t have to do with just being a mother.

We will work with a lot and put up with a lot. Ask a woman to take on a plate and we will turn that thing into a meal. We are usually multitaskers and can handle it all. When I do take the time to think about becoming a mother I see how just last night I was doing laundry, putting up trees and decorating, cooking,etc not to mention preparing for my day. Before my motherhood days I was doing the same meeting deadlines and getting it done all at the same time.

Enabling is one of the pitfalls that can happen to women more in my perspective-but don’t think a man can’t! We by nature will see past the crazy and work through. Ever date a man that you knew wasn’t right? But you kept seeing that potential?! I have. You go out your way doing things for that man and allowing that man to do things to you that if your girlfriend had done you would be the first to sound the alarm.

Have a child that can do for themselves but you just can’t stop helping your baby?! Yes we all in some capacity have enabled things we should have cut off at a first glance. I tell folks all the time if in your gut you know that person is one using you, you find yourself feeling obligated when you shouldn’t or giving more than you get-most likely you are an enabler.

Listen I’m not perfect I love to help others but there will be moments in life that you have to say NO! Today I challenge you to cut off an enabler. As much as we as a society look outside than in this may require you to flip your perspective. Cut off the negative enabling thoughts that are holding you back.

Exercise those NO muscles inwardly and outwardly today!!

Happy Monday!


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