Call to self

Good morning to you. Inspiration for me comes from the strangest of places. The text that I had gotten that made me love myself even more.

The text that I had gotten came from an individual that made me step back, check myself, and figure an approach. I love to stay positive but even the most cool and collected person will be tested. I’ve come a long way from using my mouth as a weapon to get what I want.

The text called into question my own person ethics. I’ve been challenged before but I had to step back and ask myself why is this person rubbing me the wrong way. It’s not the person that I should be concerned about, its me. Often times when we get upset we start blaming outwardly but I’m on a mission to turn my fingers from out to in.

The person made me feel for about 2 weeks incompetent, and less than worthy of my efforts. I sat back and thought about previous interactions and I’ve felt that way before. I could have jumped and screamed and became combative but I thought why? It’s not just the word choices used that pushed me to become angry, I actually felt insulted.

After listening to what they had to say and applying what I needed to grow,(after checking my emotions) I was able to see if the relationship had served its purpose. I had already wished them well and mentally moved on. I felt like this last communication from them was more of a “let me tell you” type of set up. Having to not allow myself to rehash my negative feelings and stay focused was a big leap for me. At the end I made it clear that I appreciated what they said but I would not continue any back and forth. The relationship had served its purpose it was there to make me check me. It was there to make me more accountable. It was there for me to set aside my pettiness. It made me adjust how I interact with the same type of personality.

It’s hard sometimes interacting with others. Not everyone has the same personality but it’s a part of life. If you find that when you leave someone’s presence whether that was in person, or on the phone, and it made you feel negatively-gleam what you need for growth and only deal with the issues at hand. Realize people’s place in your life and don’t give more than you need for that purpose. Check yourself which will always mean emotions at times and learn to wish people well on their journey.


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