Good afternoon

Today is a rainy Saturday filled with all kinds of interesting things to be done.  I was cleaning out the fridge and I came across some Rubbermaid containers.
I know there are other companies that make it but for me it’s a brand that I like.
Already this am I’ve been to my daughter’s class and did I mention I was up at 7am. It really should be a crime to be up that early.

Already on the roads are people who are driving too slow or too fast or on their phones etc.  When I’m with the kids I really do attempt to practice self control especially with road rage. 
After all the hustle and bustle and don’t forget holiday shoppers have added the anxiety of just attempting to get home.
Whether with attempting to get the kids to their destinations or family issues that come up folks will rub you the wrong way.
The purpose of tupperware is to keep food protected and at its best taste until you open it up and eat it’s contents.  Have you really considered how wonderful that is.  I mean honestly. I know I know it’s Saturday and who wants to be all deep but it’s a fascinating thing. 
If you applied tupperware thoughts how much better you would be.  The ability to only let something out if you open it.  What a thought.  So when that child irks you and you alone have lost your control it’s like the top of the Tupperware-you opened it.  When a lid is on the only thing that can mess that food up is the food itself and time.  There will be no one to blame your ugly attitude and short temper on cause it’s only up to you. 
Instead of looking at who popped the top take responsibility in that you alone are in control of you.  Take some moments to be air tight and when the time is right after you have dealt with you or put in you what you needed then your response will be right when the top is opened.

If what you put in is awful then guess what will happen when the top is opened? Awful little things will come out and you are your own cook and chef and you have to be able to change what you place in your Rubbermaid.  Keep your Rubbermaid clean and full of the best of what you have.


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