Trends week for the holidays

Okay ladies it’s that time of the year again.  We love getting gifts whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, whatever you choose.

Men are slow I love them but not all men know how to give the good gifts.  It’s easy to grab a shower set from your local Walmart or target, etc.

Women we stay getting socks, robes, or even hat and scarf sets.  For some like me I’m here for all of that because I  love just being remebered.  If I got 5 shower sets I would be doing the tootsie roll.  Let’s not get this twisted there are a few things that I love that I may not get myself so I try to let Santa know of these things and then I don’t feel guilty buying it all year long.

One trend this year is gifting activities.  Yes you know there’s a class that you are dying to take.  Like for instance if you want to try cake baking but the class is too steep for your pocket nudge your Santa to gift that for you.  Want to take a self defense class or gasp pole dancing class-get it gifted.  I know I’ve lost some on you on pole dancing however it’s a real workout and don’t knock it if you ain’t tried it.

If you want to lose weight and just need a membership to your favorite gym let Santa know that too.  Take it to another level and get out your comfort zone and go to flight school. 

You don’t have to believe in Santa to enlighten the people or special person around you to gift you an activity.  However the same rules apply for that sweater as it would for an activity you actually have to attend.  Don’t ask for it if you really don’t want to go.  If your man gifts you a gym membership don’t come at him saying he thinks you are fat accept the gift you wanted and go.  Don’t be mad just use that time to turn your music up and work on you.

Holidays aren’t about gifts but since gifts come along with it get what you want instead of that sweater you really don’t want.

Also if your special someone is low on cash or on a budget encourage the use of the things such as Groupon.  Yes I use it for most things and have gifted many with thrills of a lifetime for very little coins. 

Happy holidays and check back tomorrow for more trends!


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