Holiday trend: gift cards!

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Holidays are such a beautiful time.  Gift giving is at an all time high as well.   Giving gift cards is no new thing.  Those little plastic cards can be a God send when you don’t know what to get an individual or to allow others to shop it up for themselves in exchange for cards.

But… cards can be deemed informal if not done well.  If you get a gift card to let’s say a store that an individual doesn’t shop well then informality comes into play.  I know at least a few of my family that literally will get whatever gift card they see at their local gas station just so they don’t come empty-handed.

The thought about giving gift cards is such an awesome idea.  Make sure you get a gift card that the individual receiving actually likes.  Just because you aren’t getting a gift do your research and make it a store that you know they absolutely love.   Also gift cards can be to a destination or even an activity. If you know of a couple that is honeymooning in the coming months and are booked (provided they have told you) you can gift them some beautiful amenities. Know of a family that has already booked their vacation you can get a gift card.  I know Disney for example has that option.  Now instead of toys and individual gifts you have given a gift for a whole family.  Be creative.  Also you can add personal touches to gift cards by getting little trinkets along with a gift card.

Be aware that some gift cards will lose their value if not used.  Some stores are correcting the issue by eliminating these fees.  Do your research and although it’s up to the person receiving to check into those fees I think it’s a nice gesture to tell the recipient if the fee is there.

Happy holidays and be creative you can make even gift card buying fun and light!

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