Ugly sweater party!

I remember in the late 80s and early 90s for me when wearing the sweaters with Rudolph or santa especially if that shirt lit up was the thing to have.

Fast forward to today and now it’s the thing to do when you are going to an ugly sweater party.  Yes you can wear the most obnoxious, loudest, and cliché Christmas sweater and no one is looking at you like you your momma dressed you-hi mom!

Yes these themed Christmas party is super fun and can be enjoyed at work, amongst friends, with couples, or even with the kids.

Of course it’s a party so that means food, festive drinks, and fun.  If you are the host or hostess than you can go all out.  This is the new year of all Christmas parties.  All the cliché Christmas tree cakes, egg nog-never forget the egg nog even if you don’t drink it and candy cane lane cookies you want.

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You can ask participants to come with their A game too.  Reward prizes for the best, cutest couple, wackiest sweaters, etc.  You can ask participants to bring a dish or a festive drink to share.  Just remember that reindeer ears, santa hats are so a must.  The purpose is to evoke a space of utopia and let the Christmas spirit spread.  This isn’t a party for you if you are by any means a grumpy person or hate laughter, cookies or anything Christmas.

If you have been invited to an ugly Christmas party even if all the food has been provided don’t forget the sweater.  It’s such an eye sore when you are looking at pics and someone is wearing just a plain flannel shirt.  It’s an ugly sweater party so ummmm yeah you get my drift.

So to all my ugly sweater wearers of 2014 embrace it and have the best time.

Happy holidays and wear that ugly sweater proud!

Toitime a place for empowerment-hurry back!

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