White elephant gift exchange

So keeping the holidays light is key.  Fun and memories should be the priority and the gifts secondary.

If you are looking for another fun way to spend time for the holidays, how about the white elephant gift exchange?!

The way to do so is to have each participant come with a wrapped gift.  Place the gifts in a central location and draw numbers.  Gifts can be fun, gag, and or kitchen wares.  It’s all up to the gifter. 

Once the numbers are drawn then the gifts are opened and selected.  People can “steal” a gift as well.  Yes steal or exchange a gift.  Thats where the fun comes in because you can compete for the gift you really like or need. This is a good thing to do when you have a large family and don’t want to have to purchase things for everyone.  It’s a great time and everyone goes home with a gift.

So have fun and be creative there’s no wrong or right way to make your own memories

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