Sweats, not this time ladies!

Yes! If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs you know I’m all about balance for us ladies.  As a woman there are just so many levels to who we are and what we put out.

If you are like me you are out preparing and making memories.  One thing that I love about holiday time is that you can get people together that would most likely be too busy.

Well as we trim trees, wrap presents, and cook that christmas Dinner – let’s not forget about ourselves.  I remember wrapping gifts until like 2am, kids getting up at 6am, and bam it’s time to eat breakfast and travel to homes for Christmas dinners.

When it’s time to get us together we are tired, worn, and often times irritable. This time around I propose not to forget you.  Things can wait sloooowwww it down a bit.  Get yourself a pedi and mani, relax with a massage if you can as well.  If you need to stop and have a good hot mug of hot chocolate please do so.

Don’t let the holidays run you down so far.  Take some mental time to find your zen.  Relax, pray, and mediate.  Don’t lose yourself trying to impress folks that won’t care past the opening or gifts.

Also if you are meeting at a family members house for the holidays don’t forget to make sure you are the best you can be.  Everyone takes pictures don’t be in an outfit that you have to keep pulling and tugging on or one that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Wear cute, stylish but fitting shoes.  You don’t have to wear red or green or have a snowman on your shirt. Some families do like to dress up that day so maybe plan on leaving the sweats at home.

Wear makeup that truly reflects what you feel.  It doesn’t have to be over the top unless that’s what you want it to be.  Nothing is wrong with minimal makeup and a smile.  Rule of thumb even if you aren’t one for lipstick or colored lip gloss chapstick of some type of lip balm is key.

Accessories we all get wonderful pieces for the holidays but you don’t have to wear all of them at once.  Make your pieces be as creative as you want them to be.  Matching now is a thing of the past just don’t wear a statement piece with them sweats.  Please step your game up I mean they even have fashion forward tights. 

Nails ladies please if you wear polish don’t arrive cute and have chipped nails.  If you dont wear polish, I still say slap some clear on your nails.  You can do a home manicure but pay attention to your cuticles.  If you can afford it def invest in a mani.  Nothing like getting someone else to do your nails while you relax.  There are way too many Groupon for nail services in your area log in, create a profile and get your Groupon on.

Shine bright as a diamond! Relax and enjoy the holidays but don’t let the holidays take you over!  Be the beauties that you already are!

Toitime a place for empowerment-hurry back!

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