Protect yourself christmas edition

I love the holidays in case you haven’t been able to tell.  There are a few tips that will secure yourself and your family.

Gift giving is at a all time high.  However thieves are out there lurking and you need to be aware of your surroundings.


I don’t know many people who don’t shop online for at least one item.  For me I barely go to the stores.  I’m really not interested in bumping into people and the traffic that comes along with the holidays.  So like so many I shop online and have packages shipped to my home.  Well did you know that people aka thieves gear up to make off with the very packages you have worked so hard to obtain? Yes some people are stealing right from your home and don’t even have to break in to get them. 

If you can have packages shipped to your job do so.  It’s more secure for some people to do this.  However before that first package comes be aware of the policies and climate of your office.  If office shipping isn’t possible then be sure to send them to a home of someone you trust that is also home in the daytime.

If you are shopping online and can be home be sure to try to be home when packages come.  I know who wants to sit and wait around for a package? The answer is anyone who doesn’t want to put the work into shopping at a store.  It’s a small price to pay to get what you want when you can easily sit and wait.  Track your packages and be around during normal shipping times.  In my neighborhood I’m aware of what times the post office and ups usually deliver.

Shopping at stores

Be careful of pick pocketers.  Yes there are people old school just snatching and grabbing or should I say sleekly taking things from pockets etc.  How can you be vigilant? One limit your cell use when shopping.  Yes my goodness put it down.  Do not think that you aren’t being watched and being on your phone makes you vulnerable to purse snatchers and pick pocketers.


Yes after the papers are torn you will want to dispose of the boxes.  You need to be careful.  Some people are seeing those tv boxes, etc as a way to know what you have received as a way to rob people.  Not here, not in America?! Um yes that same small town or big city has someone taking from some other hard  working citizen. 

My suggestion would be to tear the boxes up into smaller pieces and place in a trash bag and label recyclables.  This will limit everyone knowing what you got and make you less vulnerable to be robbed.

No matter what you do be vigilant, be aware, and be safe.

Toitime a place for empowerment-hurry back!

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  1. Marques Storr says:

    Excellent advice.

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