Sang That: New Year’s Edition

Do you have your hats, noise makers, and bottle of champagne ready?  Do you have your most fierce outfit ready?  Do you have a sitter for the kids and ready to have a night on the town? If you answered yes to those questions, my next question is do you know what you are singing about?

You may say I don’t sing I leave that to the professionals.  However I like to beg the differ.  On New Years night, the Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns is a stable in the American home.  Yes don’t know who he is, maybe this will help.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind

Should old acquaintance  be forgot

And auld lang syne?

So while the new years kisses are being given, your singing and playing this song and still will push back from that kiss and hold onto every grudge you have with others.

This time of year brings on the promises of weight loss, leaving old things behind, going after that promotion or finding a better job.  Whatever Resolution you make the one to forgive should really be the first.

How many times have you made this artificial promises to yourself and then turn around and break it as soon as the thrill of the new years dies.  Check the gym out come at least January 2nd, what do you see?  Its full.  Membership fees and dues are increased but unless you own a gym you need to be more focused on your inner.  I do say hey hit the gym but just go there with more than your thighs on your mind.

How many people have hurt you?  Would a simple sorry take that away?  What about the times when a sorry is out of the question?  Have you visited the grave or been past one lately?  How many folks have died owing someone a sorry that never happened?  Yet the effects of what was done still lingers with the folks above the ground.  Isn’t it time to have some peace?

Listen I’m not above heartache.  I too have been bitter at points in my life.  The person who hurt you for the most part goes on and appears to have a great life.  It’s just perspective.  You are sitting there with your popcorn waiting for Karma to do her job and on the surface it doesn’t happen.  You have no real idea what a person is going through.  You are only responsible for you.  You have to be willing to put it past you.  you have to be willing to do it without a sorry, without an omission and say I’m still mad and always may be but I don’t have to be like this-its a choice.  Make the choice to turn that song into a reality.  Know that you wont have to forget it but you don’t have to carry it either.

So this year when you sing it loud, sing it clear Let it go. Make and keep the promise of mental clearness.  Forgive.


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