Sitting Ducks

So the high from the New Year can still be felt.  Everyone is still riding hard in the gym.  Cakes and pies are being passed in order to eat healthier.  Some are even being nice to those who normally wouldn’t even get a hello.

These are all great feats – keep them going.  If you already fallen off don’t be  discouraged.  It’s around this time that some are literally sitting and waiting for you to mess up.  I like to call them sitting ducks.  Ever notice a sitting duck when you are feeding them at the park?  They are the ones that only wait for the food to be thrown.  They exert no extra energy until another duck comes along and then they want to peck at them.

Yes these sitting ducks are just like some whom you allow a front row in your life.  They don’t do anything until you come along trying to better yourself and then bam, they peck at every goal you make.  Sitting ducks aren’t “haters” in the sense that they don’t mind you doing anything until you get close to what they secretly wanted to accomplish.

When you say I’m going to lose weight they encourage you with words.  They don’t think you can do it but they won’t say anything negative – they just sit and wait.  They know how many times you have fallen.  They know how many mess ups along the way.  The sitting duck once you lose that noticeable weight will speak up.  Then comes she’s not all that.  Then comes the I remember when negativity that was had along.

Sitting ducks just want the benefit without the work.  They want the glory without the test.  They want the recognition but have no idea the cost.

It’s easy to spot a sitting duck.  They usually have a front row.  These are family members, or close friends that you hold dear.  It’s only after being bit that our bulb comes on of their true character.

Maybe you are the sitting duck?  Not me, yes you just may.  Only you know and only you can change.

Remove the sitting duck out of your life.  They don’t have no place with you.  Why be drained emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.  Trust me that duck will quack just give it time.  The only ones who should be in your circle should be the ones who have proven to have your best interest in mind.

Mark in your mind the sitting duck in your life.  Then don’t make no proclamation to them of who they are.  When you make your necessary changes they won’t be able to stand to be around.  Sorry little duck we see you!

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2 thoughts on “Sitting Ducks

  1. Thanks Toi… I never thought about it like that. Sitting ducks, that makes a lot of sense. It’s sad, family & friends look at us that way. I pray that I’m not a sitting duck…

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