Ask Toi: I tried a look and my boyfriend doesn’t like it!

So you tried something new and your boyfriend didn’t like it.  Lets look at this – what do you think?  Honestly start with you.  When you completed this new look,  what did YOU see?  If you got up feeling amazing?  Did you rock your new style?  If you say yes then let’s rock with this.

It’s hard to please everyone and although I think boyfriends are important especially if you are trying to make it long term and possibly down the aisle, they aren’t the end all.   Now before you go switching it up for your boo, pump them breaks.  Unless you went bald and extra dramatic he will just have to adjust.  Yes we as women have the power to literally change our looks as often as we would like.

My mom always taught me not to give boyfriends husband rights so for me I’m not switching back unless I didn’t feel good about the look.  If your boyfriend can’t stick through a new do its probably time for him to move on.  If the look is a miss but you like it I say stick it out.  Trust me there will be another look to try along the way.  You can hear your man out but do what’s best for you. 

In college my boyfriend at the time only liked long hair.  One day I cut it cause it wanted a different look.  When he saw he-he almost choked but guess what? He stayed.  I married that same man and I am comfortable in my skin with long, short, weave or natural because I love me.

We as women are versatile and not everyone will rock out with your new look, but as long as you are happy I say smile and strut! 

Toitime a place for empowerment-hurry back!


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