Ask Toi: My Husband wants to try for another baby but I’m against it, what should I do?

Well, a husband and a wife should be a team.  Being a team means doing what’s best for the team and not for self.

I don’t know what your health looks like.  You say you already have 3 kids so I don’t know why your husband wants more.  Was the number of children discussed before marriage?  Have you asked why he wants more?  Can you afford more kids?

I hate to put a dollar sign with children but you have 3 already you know the pros and cons of having more.  For me I have three children whom I love, but after 3 c sections and almost dying after my 3rd it was time to let others bare the children and get back to business.

My advice honestly is to think this through with yourself.  You are the one who will have to bare this fourth child.  Think about what another child will do for your home.  Talk with your husband and together come up with a plan.

I know women who have had four or more children that are on both sides of the fence.  Some did well and some not so well.  In almost both sides our bodies go through so much.  Think of your health and make it very clear how you feel about this situation.

Although you both have to talk about this don’t make a decision that you alone will literally bare alone.  Think of the entire picture.  You know your husband and I hope the both of you can make an intelligent decision together.  Good luck and whatever is decided I pray you both are happy and healthy. 

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