What Are you Selling?

This is the day when someone seems to be selling something.  If you have an instagram account then you know women especially seem to come from the wood works with a new instagram boutique seemingly everyday.

Now from one woman to another I’m not against a good hustle.  Yes the word hustle is no longer a negative word.  It’s about working hard and reaching goals.

My issue is this, not everything you see comes from work.  Let me give you some protective information before you get duped on an  instagram boutique.  Do your research on what you purchase.  Yes everyone selling weaves, shapewears, and baby booties aren’t on the up and up.  I think social media is a cheap advertisement but don’t buy into the hype.  Also news flash just because you see someone profiting doesn’t mean that all money is good money. 

Instead of getting caught up in some quick cash, invest in what you are selling like a good attitude, good manners and maybe a good disposition.  Then when you have a great product that you want to showcase it will speak for itself.

What are you depositing into the atmosphere is more important than what’s in your wallet or on a social media site.  Be careful of aspiring after someone else’s portion and work hard in all that you do.

While you’re on instagram come and get a snippet of my family.  We aren’t perfect but we are the perfect bunch mixed with love and a little crazy too! (Toirenee3)


Toitime a place for empowerment-hurry back!


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