Ask Toi: How do I handle jealousy within my Friends?

You say that you are always compared to your friends.  That’s not jealousy unless the comparison has made you second guess yourself. 

Think about the group Destiny’s Child.  You have Beyonce and them other girls.  Individually they are gorgeous women in their own right but in the group people seem to bump beyonce and negate the other two.  You have to not let others opinions drive who you are in the group.  Michelle and Kelly are equally talented, their checks cash the same as Beyonce’s.

It’s easy to be friends in a group of women when you know who you are.  It doesn’t matter who I’m with I’m always the Beyoncé of the group regardless cause I’m not downing myself or dumbing myself down for anyone.  You need to do the same.  If you have good girlfriends none of this should matter outside of the fun you have with one another.

Now if your friends are ranking each other well you have to evaluate the friends you chose. 

Own who you are and it won’t matter who you are compared with amongst your friends.

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