Ask Toi: I’ve dated a guy off and on and not sure if I should leave him again?

Well top of the morning to you.   You don’t say why you are considering leaving him again.  To me this is a red flag.  It doesn’t always work out staying with an ex.  There’s a reason he’s your ex.

Sometimes we will consider being with an ex cause its familiar territory.  Familiar isn’t always best.  Now that you are asking about leaving I would say leave.  You have to trust your instinct.  Also I would make sure you get real closure on what is making you leave this man.  If not you will continue to run back and forth to this unhealthy relationship.  That’s not to say that all relationships that end in break ups can’t come together and flourish.  It does say that most don’t.  

I wish you well in your endeavors in dating.  It’s hard to find what you need but don’t give up or settle for just anything.  Let someonelse handle what your ex clearly can’t.

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