Reflection is Always Ongoing

Reflection is something that never stops.  I’m always looking at my life, my decisions and what I’ve learned and what I need to improve.

Reflection isn’t about self pity.  It’s the time when you center yourself.  I find for me that I do most reflection on sundays.  I could never understand why but now I get it.  Sundays are the day when the majority of people attend their house of worship.  Sundays are known as a day of rest.

Sundays are days where I do the most to prepare my week.  So yeah Sundays and rest, I’m still working that out.  Between dinner prep, laundry, and cleaning one would wonder why do I wait and pile everything into one day?  I haven’t the  foggiest of ideas.  However I do take at least one hour and gather my thoughts.

Today my thoughts went to my mother as we prepare to celebrate her birthday.  My mother had me at an early age and with that we were aware a lot of times of things she went through as she transitioned into adulthood.  My mother really is a strong woman.  She has done more in her life than I could imagine.  Having twins at 18 couldn’t have been ideal,  but she did the best with what she had.  I honor her as often as possible.

Thinking of her makes me call into question my own motherhood.  I think about what I’ve done within this week to mold my kids  into descent human beings.  I know I’m not the only parent that finds themselves checking their tone. 

Today I reflected on how my children made their journeys into the world.  How they are making their marks now.  My thoughts also goes to their futures. 

To make sure that my thoughts aren’t traveling to self pity, I take the things that need improvement and make an action plan for the week.  So if last week my kids’ behavior had me yelling more than normal, this week my action plan would have me pay more attention to my voice and find a way to bring it down. 

The reason that reflection is ongoing is that unless you have just given up on life, the human spirit is always seeking to do better.  I’ve never been the type to believe that we as humans just give into mediocrity.  Each and everyone of us have the desire to change and make changes within.

As this Sunday comes and goes, don’t forget to prepare your week by allowing your mind to recall moments in your week prior and how you can better serve yourself and others.  Use this time to be proactive and positive about what you want to be.  Be the change you want to see.


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