Body for days

So as always you can find me reading.  It’s just what I love to do.  Well today while relaxing I came across an article about body image.  I wasn’t shocked that the athletic build is one that they claim leads to more attraction with men.  But then I thought, who are these supposed men being interviewed?

Most of the men I know like a little more to grab on to.  Now before we continue let me be very clear, no matter what size you are the best body type is healthy.  There is a misconception that fat people are unhealthy and skinny people are the healthiest.  That’s not all true.  I know plenty of skinny people who are completely unhealthy. 

Back to what makes men attractive.  It’s different strokes for different folks.  If you are anywhere on instagram whether your page is private or not, you have gotten someone who is selling a waist shaper at some point.  Women are buying these things to have waist lines like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian West, and many other shapely models. 

Men especially men of color seemingly love curves.  However as I stated before the best you is a healthy you.  So why are we allowing men to dictate what we do.  As much as some women don’t need a man they sure give the fashion and beauty industry billions of their hard earned money.  Not all of it is about doing what makes them happy. 

I’m a firm believer that there is someone for everyone.  Growing up I’ve seen some of the craziest pairings.  So to do the most for a man whose interest will change over time doesn’t seem right.  I’m all for women who want to get it right, get it tight in my Bubba Sparks voice but if you are making yourself over for a man, then what happens when his attention moves to the next. 

If we keep allowing someone to box us we can’t get mad with comes along with that.  Don’t get this twisted as if I’m on some anti-man campaign because I’m not.  I am on women being empowered to be the best them they can be.  I want men to do the same.  The truth of the matter is in a world of pretenders it’s up to us to do what makes us whole.  So ladies if you want body for days then get it.  Work hard, play hard and be consistent because it’s what you want.



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