Revamp your Valentines Day – Step your game up! Couples Edition

Sigh it’s that time of the year where the single gag and the coupled try to pour the gift giving on super thick.

Well ladies and gentleman-shout out to my male readers, it’s time to step it up.  So yes for my male readers who need me to say it yes Valentine’s day is super commercialized.  There you got it a female admitting to its high price crazy of the day, however as a female I say let me give you a better way of addressing this day.

So ladies, doesn’t chocolates, flowers and cards sound beautiful? Of course it does but let’s get creative.  One of the reasons why we as women love the day is we want to feel like we are number one.  Let me help you out on a little secret.  If your boo treats you like crap all year and grabs a bouquet of store-bought flowers and that does it for you, we’ll then maybe we need a separate blog for you.  My hope is that your boo is yours, and is generally thoughtful all year-long.


Ladies let’s own that we can be some complex beings so if your boo got only the cliché candy and flowers and you secretly and generally are disappointed well maybe it’s because you aren’t communicating your needs.  Yes your man is supposed to express his love for you however wouldn’t it be nice to have a little direction.  There’s no written law that says you can’t tell him what you like.

For the ladies who says I’m not telling him what I want because that takes the happiness of the holiday away practice those smiles you’re going to need them.  Ladies let’s not be selfish, we also have to be willing to step it up too.  Men love gifts just as much as we do.  Yes your man wants to be showered too.  So no more card and shirts.  How about gifting him with a day out.  My other suggestion is to go small and meaningful.  Buy a bunch of little gifts and turn it into a scavenger hunt.  This idea will allow you as a woman to add personal touches that take the holiday to another cool level.

Another thing about Valentine’s day is the art of being romanced.  Yes so while you’re buying gifts gentleman think about making her night or weekend one for the books by being concerned about how to make her smile.  If you never cooked her a meal, partner up with a good cook and make it a night in she will always remember.  Restaurants will be super booked and overpriced anyway so keep the magic burning from start to finish in the confines of your own home.

Another suggestion for making it a great holiday is to be creative and think outside the box.  It’s winter and all types of cold turn your home into a little picnic area for you and your sweetie.  Yes nothing says love like a little one on one time.  How about indulge in your sweet tooth.  Yes bake together.  What? Yes get some cute aprons and turn the heat up by getting a recipe and baking together it could lead to a little baking later.


Turn your home into an indoor spa for two.  This can be done by going to your local Wal-Mart or target and obtaining in luxurious but inexpensive finds and allowing you to take turns pampering your significant other.  Also don’t be afraid to shop early.  Stores are already gearing up for the day.

The purpose is to keep one another in mind while you get trinkets of your personal expression to each other.

My hope is that you think out the box and make it yours.  Don’t worry about what your significant other will be posting on Facebook and Instagram always keep in mind just because it’s posted doesn’t always make it a love made in heaven.  Your only job is make the night or weekend special for you and your mate just as special as they mean to YOU.



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