Take the Band-aid off

Little kids love getting band aids or at least my kids do.  They come in all kinds of colors, characters, etc.  They are there in a pinch for minor abrasions.  However band aids don’t always work in all situations.

You ever cut your hand really bad?  If you are gushing out and the cut is deep enough, a band-aid is a joke.  You need some gauze, pressure, and a doctor to supply some stitches in order for it to heal.  Band-aid are supposed to be a buffer to keep germs out.

When life happens we put band aids on things that require more attention.  We put band aids on things that need surgery, removal, or even repair.  If you are in a situation where a band-aid will not work it’s time to deal with the issue.

Yes for a Monday this could be a heavy lesson but let me just say, you know that band aids are a temporary fix.  Since its a temporary fix, what are you doing about the bigger issue.  Since band aids come in so many shapes and colors one can hide their issues well.  What are you covering today that needs your attention.

Life throws many curve balls.  Sometimes you can be overwhelmed.  However if you use a band-aid on an open deep cut, that band-aid may be cute now but it can and will show signs of infection.  Ever see someone with a nasty attitude all the time?  The band-aid is their attitude they can hide behind it and act anyway they want.  However the real issue is they have issues lying dormant that become seeds of bigger problems down the line.

Another issue with band aids is leaving them on past there time.  If you ever have left the band-aid on too long then you know how dirty they look and gross they can get.  Sometimes in leaving them on too long you invite more issues.  Apply that to your life.  The issue may have been minor but now with the extended wearing of the band-aid your issues can’t air, can’t heal, can’t get better.


Lastly not all minor cuts and abrasions even need a band-aid in the first place.  Sometimes you just need to let some air on it and it will be fine.

How do you recognize the difference? The way the issue is coming out.  When you get a cut or scrap the amount of blood that comes from it will be a factor.  So if you get into an argument with a loved one and its about something minor that doesn’t require immediate attention then ok.  If you are involved in an argument that is about anything that is putting you in jeopardy of your peace or safety then the band-aid is necessary.

If removing yourself temporarily from something helps than ok there’s your band-aid.  Once you have a cool down moment then peel the band-aid off, address the situation and allow healing to come in.  However if temporarily leaving the situation or person alone hasn’t resolved you may need more attention, prayer, pressure, exit plan, etc.

Someone reading this may think this is so off base and reaching but think about it.  The very thing you say is okay but keeps creeping up sometimes show exactly where you are. If you think you don’t need to apply the principle of the band-aid let me assure you, your heart knows better.


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