If you follow me on Facebook than you know I’m the queen of the reset.  Reset is what I do quite often to change my perspective during difficult or challenging times.

I’ve been going through a trial of which is currently ongoing and one day I woke up and said to myself why was I  allowing the other person, the situation, or my feelings give into negativity.  I realized in that moment the one thing I’ve heard all my life, renew your mind.  Yes most things in life is all about the response to it that shows you who you really are. 

So I started using my reset until it took off in my own home.  Yes my kids will say it when they are in a tantrum, having difficulty with homework, etc.  We use it when we are running late to work and anxiety sets in.  It’s a reminder to take a deep breath, figure out a new game plan, and proceed.

What are you dealing with that could use a reset?  Even the most difficult of situations can be changed by how you think.  I’ve been in times where I’ve thought I couldn’t take one more step, couldn’t give one more minute of thought and then I’ll reset and have a little more strength for my journey.

Don’t think that when you say “reset” like a magic trick things disappear because it wont.  Reset will allow you the person that is important to be able to center yourself.  So reset on everything.  Monday is around the corner and I’m sure you will need that reset more than you even know.  Reset my friends!


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