Fix it Jesus! Single Ladies Edition

So of course it’s love week and with it comes a mix of emotion. This week reminds some of the love lost, some are more in love with their mate, some just want to take it off the calendar and some just don’t know where they fit in.  No matter where you are on the spectrum know it’s ok to feel the way you do.

Yes I said it’s ok.  Some single people feel this sense of guilt especially when they are around couples that the way they feel is insanely wrong.  You aren’t.  Married people and single and dating forget what it’s like to be single if you desire to be with another person.  It’s very normal to have feelings of loneliness. 

Listen I remember going out with some of my girlfriends sitting around the tables saying what’s wrong with me.  I remember those days very well of sitting at my desk while the flowers and candy was pouring in for other co workers.  I would be slow to not admit that during those times I felt a sense of anxiety.  So when my single girlfriends make their comments I try to not be the one who says it’s ok it will get better.  Yes I don’t say it cause they know it will be ok but I want them to know I don’t need to make it ok while they were with me and then feel negative when they aren’t.  I want them to know I’m just a listening voice without condemnation. 

There will be many articles about how to get over it but the truth of the matter is that this week and day is such a sting to many.  My hopes is that women will be okay to express their rightful feelings while doing what they need to survive this moment in time that does have meaning.  For the many that say it’s so commercial and it shouldn’t be celebrated that’s a great take however since humans can’t seem to show love without prompting, what is the solution? 

Single ladies I get it and understand it and again I’ll say please be patient in the process.  Please do what you need to do to make you a whole happy woman.  It’s okay to be vulnerable during this time that doesn’t make you weak it makes you human.  However don’t settle for just anyone in exchange for loneliness.  Trust me the payoff is worst than its worth.

Lastly one tidbit of information to the ladies that are married or in committed relationship stop talking about your no good man to your single girlfriends.  Yes they get tired of hearing about it one and two you know you gonna still love him anyway.  Give men a break especially if you’re gonna turn around and instagram them gifts come valentine’s day anyway.  There’s a woman wanting your portion so appreciate what you have. 


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