Ask Toi: My boyfriend broke my trust but I want to take him back

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Trust is a big part of any relationship.  Once trust is broken it’s hard to get past it.  The one thing I would do is take some time to heal.  It’s important to be honest about how you feel with yourself as well as with your boyfriend.  If you don’t the situation will only keep coming back to mess with your head.

You have read before how I’ve said that taking back boyfriends after break ups isn’t easy.  You need some space.  Never jump back into anything just cause you’re lonely.  If you take your boyfriend back be clear to take your head with you and not just your heart.

I would be clear with boundaries.  Any slip up would end the relationship.  He can’t think for a second that it’s ok to not be honest and he needs to  approach with an open hand.  It would be easy to say no don’t date him anymore but the reality is once your heart wants what it wants it’s not for me to say don’t go.  It’s a personal decision.  I would just be clear of what you want.  We aren’t honest as much as we need to be in most relationships.  Please guard your heart. Don’t take him back just out of fear of starting over either!!


2 thoughts on “Ask Toi: My boyfriend broke my trust but I want to take him back

  1. I agree. However, however if u take him back then you must forgive. Forget, no. Forgive in the sense of you can’t throw it in his face when you are mad at him. Yes have boundaries and clear expectations but you can’t move forward if u continue to bring up the past.


  2. Well said and great advice as always. I love reading this blog. I feel you have the ability to grasps a concept and eloquently explain your points. Great read. > > >


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