What is Black Love Day?

Black love day is a day that is set aside as an alternative to the commercial Valentine’s Day that many complain they do not want to celebrate.

It’s a day that we celebrate love, family and community.  Black love is a beautiful thing.  There are a few key things to keep in mind:

1.  Black self love instead of self hate
2. Increased peace
3.  Racial healing

There are many ways to celebrate.  Be creative.  Here are my suggestions:

1. Have a love-in with your family or friends where you have good food and have messages of aspirations given to each participant

2. Have a community event where you  have speakers talk about positive love  relations between successful couples

3. Pick up black love books and support black vendors

However you choose to celebrate continue to build.  Now my thing is even with black love day I also think it’s a day to teach others about it and increase awareness about the issues in the black community with all.  It’s not a day for exclusion as far as I am concerned.  Love is a beautiful thing and everyone should be empowered to express it in any way possible.


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