Singles appreciation day!

What there’s a single appreciation day?! Yes there is.  Just hearing the title makes singles want to barf.  I’ve heard it all from why a day to point out the obvious to why is it after valentines day.

Singles appreciation can take on many meanings, the obvious one I’ll discuss last.  I really think it’s important for people to be whole.  I understand the loneliness that being single brings  however I’m talking single, happy, and healthy single is important.

Some single people are far from being lonely they just crave the universal love of having someone who has their back, provides fun, and companionship.  Long gone are the days where single women are in a circle of other single women dancing to Beyonce’s put a ring on it and bitter.  Single women are out there enjoying being single.  Single is not married.  There is no dating check mark on tax forms.  So single doesn’t need to be a death wish.

Singles appreciation day to me means being okay with the status.  Mind you I didn’t say you had to like it, but it’s a season we all have to go through.  What you do with your single days will help you in your married life as well.  Why use them complaining about needing a man when you can be enjoying yourself.  When you get married trust me you will crave the ability to go out have a good time without that check in time. 

I always ask my single friends, what trips have you taken? What activities have you done that you desire to complete? I usually get nothing or I’ll do that when they are married.  Your mate may not want to go to Greece or go to Miami and soak up the sun, why wait?  How do you not know that while doing the activities that make you smile you might bump into the man of your dreams.  Stop waiting for the man of your dreams to rescue you.  Trust me if you are boring now you will be boring married too.  Come to the table with life experiences, travel stories, joy, happiness, anything outside of your hips and thighs.  Yes I went there.  Men love confident women who love life and themselves. 

Single can be an awesome time that takes you to your next journey.  I really wished married women would talk more real about marriage so that single women would see it as another step and not the end all.  So many married women paint the picture that once married, life begins.  Ladies as a married woman marriage is work.  It’s more than the wearing of rings, weddings, flowers and sex.  Married women need to encourage single sisters and not brow beat them like their new last name means they have arrived. 

Single doesn’t have to be the end.  Single should be the start of taking life by the horns and enjoying it.  When your mate finds you he should find you whole.  If you have issues from childhood take the time to deal with them.  It will open your heart to receive a man.  There’s a lot of women walking aisles all dolled up with a lot of junk in them that men discover when the ceremony is over.  Spend time getting your brand together.  Spend time getting your insides just as tight as that body you trying to get right. 

Love yourself.  Yes there are days easier than others, but choose to live.  Be ready to take in another person by being a whole satisfied woman.  Today I salute you single women.  Dating is harder now than ever before.  Protect your heart and be vigilant in remaining true to self.  Don’t sell yourself short for any quick gratification.  You are a jewel and in order to shine you got to be flawless.  Take your time and love the skin you’re in.



One thought on “Singles appreciation day!

  1. I whole heartedly agree. As one being married almost 7 years, I tell ppl to enjoy being single. What’s the rush on being married? Enjoy your freedom, not that u aren’t free in marriage, but u r always accountable to someone. Enjoy your life and doing whatever it is you want to do. Marriage is work and it takes more then love to keep a marriage together. Marriage requires u to be selfless & make various sacrifices (not that anything is wrong with that) but as a single person its all about you. Take your time to truly get to know you, date, get to know others, get to know what u want & don’t want. Life doesn’t start at marriage. U need to be a complete person before marriage. You are in for a rude awakening if u think marriage or a committed man will complete you. Don’t set yourself up, know who you are first. You can only get to know you by spending real time with yourself.


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