Armour up

So many times we have heard especially growing up in the church to have the whole armour of God.  Yes you have to be prepared for any attack of the enemy.  Sometimes we don’t have our armour because we don’t recognize the enemy or his attacks.

Now im not going to get super deep on you today but just know that the subtle attacks are usually the ones that are designed to knock you down the worst.  I mean if you saw a truck coming you would move out the way, right?  How many times do we move for the big stuff and allow the little things to rob us of our peace of mind?

The attack of the enemy is designed to stop you from achieving, stop you from being your best, make you second guess yourself, and affect your confidence.  The enemy whatever it is for you knows you.  So don’t think for a second why is seems that your tests have been tailored made. 

You need to be prepared and sometimes quiet in the storm.  One of the things that the enemy wants you to do is to defend yourself and sometimes we just have to be still.  I’m not going to lie that’s one of the things I struggle with.  How can I not speak up and let a person, a thing, or whatever know that what is going on is wrong?  Quietness in the midst of the storm when you are in a rage allows you to see what you are truly fighting.  While you’re talking and yelling at the thing you already missed that the enemy wasn’t here for what you were defending, but he got you off your focus and attacked your mind.

Let me tell you that the enemy uses all kinds of things around you to pick and pick at you to wear you down.  Don’t let it be.  Figure it out by centering yourself, praying, and see the issue.  Sometimes the people that are being used are just willing pawns.  For example, I have a person right now that has a campaign to get people to believe that I’m not good.  Yes not a made up campaign a real one.  In the last few weeks everything is coming full circle to where the person can no longer hide within the group that was devised.  I have had many opportunities to yell and scream and I’ve come close to it, but why?  It hurts but the enemy wanted me to lose focus and get defeated.  I’ve turned it around and increased being so sweet.  Yes you can do more with sweet than bitter water. 

Be encouraged this morning that you have to look past the people, the thing, and continue through to your destiny.  It’s not meant for you to be depressed, be down, be mad it’s all to distract you.  Press even with tears in your eyes, frustration in your heart, pain all on your face, press.  I’ve been there it’s not a good feeling and you wonder why, but in the end is something greater. 



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