Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday or “day of ashes” is the start of the 40 days to Easter where one decides to fast, give up of one self, give up bad habits or sins.

Where the ash comes in is that ash represents repentance.  So it’s really a time for reflection.  Although observed by most Catholics, the thought of giving up sins can be extended across the board.  Most people give up things like chocolate, alcohol, and junk food to name a few.  I admonish or encourage you to give up things that will make you a better person in addition to something physical.  Let’s try taking gossip, lying, etc that will help your overall person.

So what will it be?  What are you willing to give up?  What about them secret sins that only you and God knows about?  Reflect on your inside and make the dedication today.

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate or participate in Lent:

1.Alcohol seems to be one of the most popular things that people give up.  That means NO alcohol or alcoholic beverages.

2.Sex-Sometimes married couples participate in this.  There are a few things to consider. One if your partner is not on board than that’s not fair at least to me.  One if you ain’t giving up anyway on a regular basis this can be used as a cop-out. So walk a straight line with this one. If you’re unmarried and not in a committed relationship this would be a great thing to clear your mind and body too.

3. Negativity.  This is going to be hard for some.  This may have been on the top.  This means you have to be mindful of you to be honest.  It takes more work to crack down on negative words, complaints, and destructive behavior than people like to give it credit.

4. Tearing down your mate.  This is something that could go with number 4 but the reality is the one you sleep with and are trying to make a life with ALWAYS has a way to get under your skin so therefore sometimes focusing on building your marriage will be beneficial in the long run.

5. Shopping.  Yes only getting what you NEED.  This is hard.  That means no Target runs, etc and only getting groceries and those essential needs.  After the season of Lent not only will you have discipline but you will also have saved yourself a few dollars.

The response is endless.  This is a time to self reflect and get your life right.  To me it doesn’t even matter if you are super religious or not.  Getting focused and stop a bad habit is something we all can use.  Also replacing some good things in the place of the bad things is essential.  For instance if you aren’t shopping during Lent, than maybe you can go through your home and give in the place of buying.  If you are not tearing down your mate, than put a special note somewhere different everyday to build their love jar.  If you’re not drinking alcohol than replace that with drinking water and watch your body thank you.  If you’re not having sex maybe you can put intimacy in its place.  Intimacy is not about sex and can teach you how to be loving in different ways. Taking negativity out can be replaced with self-love and finding ways to be more loving towards others.  So what will you do?  If you say you have nothing that you can do, I would call your bluff.  The best way to know is go home and ask the ones that live with you to give you an idea.  They can come up with plenty, pick one and do that.






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