Man Fast

So watching a few shows on television I came across a story about women who are on men fasts.  I was very intrigued so I reached out to a few ladies and interviewed them to get a better understanding.

So for the most part a man fast is when a woman takes a break from men. Some say you don’t get involved in a relationship, and some say you don’t engage in any relational or sexual situation with men.  So it’s like any other fast but just swearing off men.  After interviewing the ladies I came up with my list of men you should fast from or leave alone altogether.

Mr. Unattached

Unless you are only here for them few moments between the sheets and wet thighs, leave this man alone.  Yes this is the man that will not allow you to be coupled to him because he’s not ready.  If you’re looking for relationship you will be in one alone waiting for this man to change.  Ps. You won’t change him.

Mr. Playa

Yes this is one that wants you on his team but that’s all you will be.  If you are okay competing for time and space-stay clear away.  He will wine and dine you for the most part but you will never be his one and only cause its all about the chase.

Mr. Married

Most men I’ve talked to no matter how bad their wife are will not leave them for you.  Also remember how you get them is how you lose them.  He’s attached to someone else so don’t waste your time.  Mr. Married is also going to usually make it appear that the wife is the reason why he cheats but keep in mind he’s not faithful so don’t think your stuff is that golden to yield a different response.

Mr. Too Busy

There’s absolutely no truth in that a man doesn’t have time for you.  If he doesn’t have time for you its because you aren’t important enough.  Don’t make excuses for this man.  You will be making plans many a day and being let down if you put stock in this man.

Mr. I’ve been hurt before

Who hasn’t had their heart broken or two? If he wants to build he will do the necessary work on himself to make room for you.  If he’s so hurt that he can’t make a commitment than don’t make an emotional commitment with him either.  Usually this man will have hints of Mr. Too Busy and Playa too so be vigilant.

I’m all down for man fast if you’re doing it for the right reasons.  Taking a break to get your insides together should always be the number one goal.  If you’re swearing men off cause there are no good ones left, well you have deceived yourself.  There are good ones, you attract what you put out.

So are you on a man fast?  Remember any fast you do should be for a period of time if you been on a man fast for some years, but you are looking for love, than do some changes.  Have you  worked on your insides? Are you approachable?  Do you leave your house as minimal?  They don’t have  UPS for male drop off yet.  Get out and enjoy life and the one you need will be where you are.



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