Give me my moment

There are so many moments in a day where frustration and anxiety embodies our minds.  It’s not that one isn’t in control, sometimes it’s truly just that things happen.

Sometimes we let things and people make us feel guilty for being human.  Yes there are many things we shouldn’t let get to us but until we leave this earth we are going to be challenged.  It’s okay to have your moment when you don’t have it together.  You are entitled to have your moment when you aren’t put together.  Now whether you have these moments alone or in a crowd, it’s okay to have them. 

I witnessed something this weekend where a mother just needed to cry for her child.  She didn’t need to hear that everything was going to be okay.  She needed to be human and cry, react, and be there for her child.  She was well in control of herself to where she didn’t get caught up and do anything wrong,  but neither were the emotions she was feeling at that moment.

We want to be strong.  I’m always for empowerment but the most powerful thing to be is yourself.  To show emotion where it’s needed.  To be able to just be present in the moment.  Don’t let this journey for self improvement take you so far that you can’t tap into the element of just being. 

I’m amazed even within myself that the moments that God uses are when I don’t always feel myself.  I feel like things are just not going the way I want.  It’s cause I’ve gotten to the point where I’m okay to be me and usually other genuine people will recognize it as well.  I’ve had moments where someone will say you really touched me and guess what it’s usually not the days where I have it just right. 

It’s okay.  Somewhere someone is bummed out sitting in their pj’s crying as the very bottom has fallen from their life.  It’s okay.  Somewhere someone is feeling like they have fallen off and it’s okay.  Now of course don’t sit and wallow but it’s okay to have your moment.  It’s okay. 



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