Calling my Ladies

So if you follow me on Facebook you know for weeks I’ve been on a campaign for better jobs and equality.  Nothing irks me more than to see women who work hard if not harder than men and not get compensated for it.

Women also have issues with being on jobs and have to decide between working or being a mother.  Most jobs are set up not to support working mothers.  Don’t believe me, let a school delay or early dismissal and see mothers across the world literally scramble.  Most jobs give mothers a hard time to be able to get that child where they need to go. 

I’ve been at jobs where even before I was a mother I would see so much discrimination where moms wouldn’t get promoted due to a boss stating the woman couldn’t handle the demands cause she has kids.  Yes many women handle jobs and children well if the job would have a relaxed environment.

There’s also issues with women who aren’t mothers as well.  How many times has a job looked over a woman because the job is usually occupied by male counterparts.  Yes women are really making their options but those options aren’t enough.  We got to take a stand and require salary equality.

Listen equality in the workplace isn’t something I’m passionate about because it’s the hip conversation.  No, when I look at current or past W-2 and see that while I’m good at what I do I’m making someonelse rich while I struggle to make ends meet or at best put my kids in daycare, the numbers alone says something has to be said. 

I was at a job where my daughter who was born 6 weeks early and had asthma.  I had certain federal paperwork completed to protect me to be able to take care of her and the owner of the company went behind my back to give me low scores on my evalutation.  Mind you I received the documents from their human resources.  To get around keeping me, they let me go with about 40 or so others due to their inability to pay.  One would say oh ok well it was due to finances but the reality is I was the only one out of my specific department.  You do the math. 

If you don’t think it exists don’t let a situation come up where you are faced with such hardships to find out.  Numbers don’t lie.  Do your research and you will find many women who have the same experience, same education and still get lower pay than their male counterparts.  Until the numbers line up I’ll keep pushing other women to speak up and get what they deserve. 


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