Thank you all

So today has been a big crazy.  For those who supported me as I was featured on a new blog thank you.  If you haven’t then head on over and check it out.  I’ll be featured on “Woman Wednesdays.”

I’m so glad to be able to do what I absolutely love.  It’s the defining moment for me in my life.  The few days prior to the official launch has been a bit crazy.  One thing before I began this journey I was warned that I would be hit hard internally and outwardly to test the spirit by the spirit. 

Since then my life has been challenged.  It keeps me on my toes.  Nothing like telling people hey let’s grow together.  You know what happens, you actually grow.  I don’t mind stating the good and the bad.  I’m human however I’m serious about being the best representation of me I can be. 

With that being said, set your boundaries.  That’s my biggest test.  Yes people who know me know I’m direct but direct and boundaries is another thing.  Setting boundaries sometimes will not allow you to be popular. 

Again take this ride with me.  And as always if you have an Ask Toi then email me

All questions are answered by me and your info will be kept confidential.  I look forward to communicating with you.  Come check me on Twitter at renee_toi or instagram toirenee3



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