Man Talk! Is it all physical?

Okay ladies, we think men don’t talk but is that true? Nope.  They talk but they just don’t beat a dead horse.  Ladies, I interviewed 4 men: single man not dating, single man dating, and two married men.  I asked them all the same 4 questions.  Their answers were downright impressive.  We are gonna deal with each question separately.

1. What’s the one thing you look for in a woman outside of physical?

Married Man #1:

I look for many things, but one that comes to mind currently is determination. I need someone who will strive to push through even when times are tough. If one day we have kids and something happens to me, I need to know that she will be mentally capable of handling all obstacles and will ensure our kids are raised properly.

Single Man Dating:

I look for motherly intuition.  She may or may not have children but while dating I’m interested in seeing her care and concern for children.  Does she shy away from my nieces and nephews?  Does she want to have children.  It’s important for me not to waste my time and find out she doesn’t want to build a family.

Married Man #2:

Personality.  I want to know if she is  approachable.  Is the woman able to hold a conversation?  I want to know can I take her to the theatre and the comedy show and she’s able to be in both environments?  It’s important that she is able to adapt in any environment.  I want to be able to have a fun woman who can have fun and not feel like we are limited in what we can do.

Single Man Not Dating:

I look for drive.  There are so many women who have so much going on and I want to know if she has the drive to accomplish it all.  While I notice her drive which can be determined in conversation and action, I also want to know if she has room for a man.  Some woman don’t want a man like they think they do.  They want to be able to control.  I want a woman who can be fierce in her company and not brow beat me at home. 


Ladies, yes men love the physical you do too.  But if the physical is all that you’re bringing to the table, neither one of you are going to eat.  I’m all for women keeping it tight if that’s what she wants to do.  I also believe the same thing it took to get your man you should do to keep them and the same applies to the man.  It’s going to take way more than a banging body to keep it together.

Yes some men like the barbie doll and trophy wife women no doubt.  However think about the most beautiful women in the world right now.  Amber Rose couldn’t keep Wiz and Eric Benet couldn’t keep Halle.  It’s time to make sure that we get our insides just as tight as we work on our outsides.

So ladies, you have heard from these men, so just know if you just ask them they will tell you.  Invest into the man that is investing in you.  More Man Talk is coming.


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