Man Talk: Have you lead her on?

Alright ladies, If you missed the first part of my Man Talk, then find it and read it.  It was my most read article. That let’s me know Man Talks are going well.  On to my second question:  have you lead a woman on to get what you want and if so why?

Ladies, they are answering, let’s read and listen. 

Married Man #1:

No I haven’t said what a woman wanted to hear to obtain sex.  I’ve never let a woman think they were the only one for me or made them believe that it was more going on that wasn’t  going on. 

Single Man Dating:

Yes i have but it’s after I’ve said no she keeps going with the you know once you get it things will change.  I’ve often said to myself did she not hear me and went along with it.  It sounds very much like a jerk but I feel like I made it clear afterwards that I went with what she said and then the aftermath is I’m still wrong.  I get it, I should have stopped it but often times I haven’t.

Married Man #2:

If I have, not on purpose. I have been told that I’ve flirted when I honestly wasn’t aware. As far as seriously and maliciously leading a woman down a path of believing I want to be with her in order to gain That is disrespectful of other people’s feelings. If you want something, there are honest ways of getting it. And I believe that if for some reason, you can’t honestly get what you want, then maybe it’s not meant to be. But a lil’ positive and uplifting flirting that makes people feel beautiful about themselves never hurt anybody. 😉

Single Man not Dating:

Yes I’m the jerk your parents warn you about.  I have said the I love you, the let’s be together, and the I want us to work.  I have afterwards tried to make it work but my heart isn’t in it so then I usually break up with the woman and that’s why I’m taking a break to work on me.  I love women and I know that I got to get me together.  I’m a little older now and see things differently so to all women I apologize.

Well ladies, there you have it.  Another Man Talk.  To my male contributors thank you for your real answers.  Ladies next time a man is talking ask questions, and follow the actions to be sure it matches.  I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been lied to.  My goal isn’t to make it okay for that treatment but to bring awareness.  Whatever phase in this dating life to marriage that you are in, be true to yourself and have expectations. 

If you’re dating than date smarter.  If you want a relationship and that’s what you want it’s okay to be honest.  If a man doesn’t respect it than you know what you must do keep dating until you find the one who is meant for you.  I’m a believer that the right one will find you.

Also to my male readers attempt to bring honesty in what you do.  There is a little thing called karma and she well she usually comes in the form of having a daughter who will meet you in the world-watch what you put out.


More Man Talk coming up!


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