Man Talk: If your lady was having issues in the bedroom, how would you address it?

Ladies, let’s get to the bedroom.  We sure as ladies have lot to say about a man.  If he’s too quick we call him a one minute man.  Size does matter so stop lying.  If it didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be so much talk about it.  But what if the tables turned?  How would you do if everything you were or weren’t doing was on display?  I asked the men and these are there responses.

Married Man #1:

I would start off by talking about it right after sex.  I would want her to know.  I would start by telling her the areas that she does well in.  If we talking oral sex and getting into specifics I definitely would speak up. Guide her where I want her to be. Increase maybe more conversation about what I like and find out what she wants more of.  Maybe a trip to a sex store to see what she may be into.  Create the mood.  Also make sure that I check my feelings too, maybe she’s inexperienced.  All men want experience but not one who is a hoe.

Single Man Dating:

I’ve been guilty of at one point having one girl for different things.  I’m trying to settle down so I’m trying to get the one that I’m with to be able to be all that I need.  I don’t mind teaching her what I want and I want a woman who is able to teach me what she wants as well.  Since I know I’ve been that guy who got around, I feel like communicating is number one but it’s still hard.  Sometimes I just want to get in and have a good time.  For me if I see I have to teach too much than I may check out but this time I’ll be upfront and honest.

Married Man #2:

As always, with honest and proper communication. Alot of people over think this one. It is not enough to simply be honest, because people can be sensitive. So you have to have tact when approaching a delicate conversation. That, plus honesty, will tip the odds in your favor of having plenty of satisfaction in the bedroom. Communication is still key. And remaining unsatisfied or having an unsatisfied partner opens a door for others to walk through. Leave no doors open in your relationship!

Single Man not Dating:

Again I know the ladies reading this don’t like me but I may seem wrong but I’m honest.  I may say something but after awhile it gets old fast.  Some women are lazy in the bedroom.  Some women think all they have to do is lay there and that’s crazy.  I don’t know many men who are okay with that.  Sex should be fun and a team effort.  Stop coming to bed with the scarf all the time.  My attention span is short after awhile I’m ready to mentally and physically check out.  That’s not to say that I have issues with scarves, I’m just saying switch it up.  Put in the same effort you want us to put in to our stroke game. 

Okay ladies, men aren’t the only ones who have issues with things in the bedeoom.  Have you ever had the sex talk with your man and immediately got offended?  Ladies we have to be able to create the atmosphere where sex can be discussed.  Be Honest.  If you are putting time in with the man that you are seeing or married to, then be open.  Sex is a part of a healthy relationship.  Even with both sexes, sex can get old.  Do your part.  Men as always, thank you for your contribution.  More Man Talk to follow.



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