Man Talk: What do you want women to know!

Well ladies I’m having fun with the Man Talk.  I hope to keep doing the series.  If there’s a question you want answered send it to me at

Ladies I asked the men what they wanted you to know and as always they answered.  Let’s read.

Married Man #1:

Don’t take kindness for weakness.  Women complain that men aren’t emotional enough.  Men want to be emotional with the woman they trust but we get knocked down then we close it off.  Women have their own level of what is too much emotion.  More men would be comfortable being emotional if women wouldn’t try to treat their man as if they’re a punk when they open up.  Women share this emotional outbursts to their girlfriends and don’t get they kill that within a man when they take a chance.  Don’t try to change a man.  Take him as he is and allow him to grow.

Single Man Dating:

That we care about what concerns you when it’s the one we want.  If it’s not we don’t usually allow ourselves to tap into feelings for everyone.  We don’t want to get hurt just as much as you don’t.  We love hard and you will know by our actions.  We are simple creatures don’t complicate us.

Married Man #2:

To be willing to change, grow and explore. A lot of women come into a relationship with preconceived notions of what she should and shouldn’t do for her partner. Challenge the status quo. There are many articles written by married and divorced older people whom have contradicted classic stereotypes. A big stereotype being physical looks. Despite the fact that society, possibly our parents and a lot of movies try to teach us that looks don’t matter, the very experienced authors of these articles tell stories of how keeping their partner enticed has benefited them. Or on the divorced side, tales are told of how they wished that they had cared more for their appearance. This doesn’t just apply to looks though. Be willing to change and grow with your partner. Remember that what works or doesn’t work for everybody else may have a different result for you. Also, be your partner’s best friend. I mean really. There are so many tales of spouses telling family members or best friends their partners secrets. Or not defending their spouse to their family. As much as we all like to say family comes first, you and your family have to understand that your spouse is the one you have chosen to build with and will be with you the rest of your days. They absolutely have to be number 1 in your life. And your true family/friends should support that. Your spouse should be afforded the support and security that should come with a trusted partner. That’s a good start.

Single Man not Dating:

We may be attracted to the package we want the package and the bows to match what’s on the inside.  We aren’t all pigs we just need the right one to come along and call the good out of us.  Although I’m not at the point where I want to settle when I do I know what I want and will pursue.  If you are willing to be a side piece or something for the moment I’m okay with it.  The woman who will get my attention is the one with standards and will make me work for her.  Until then I’m doing me.

Ladies, what you think?  Is there something you can take away from this?  I hope this little mini series was helpful.  We all have questions and it’s okay to ask.  And remember if you can’t figure out how to ask, just ask me and I’ll ask.  Men seem to be able to be the men we need when they are the ones for us.  Maybe you are attempting to make something work that doesn’t or shouldn’t work.

If you are married instead of writing it off make sure you have done ALL you can to make it work.  If you’re dating be clear, set the standards, and don’t compromise.  If you are just enjoying the comfort of a man, it’s okay as long as you are grown and protect yourself.  Ladies love yourself and don’t settle.  My biggest hope is for women to be whole and healthy in mind, spirit, and body.



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