Speak Life

There is so much power in your tongue.  You have the power to help or hinder growth.  What power are you using?

Today I had an opportunity to speak to a friend.  This friend has been going through some trials.  She has been able to appear that she is doing okay however the trimble in her voice let me know she wasn’t.  Do you know how many times I’ve called someone for one thing and I’m lead to speak to them about something totally unrelated?  Very often.

Someone needs your hello, your smile, your love.  I was asked why do I speak so much positivity in my blogs? My answer is I speak the truth.  Some people reading may really need to hear positivity.  Just like you I have  days, weeks, months at a time where literally all Hell breaks loose.  I’m not living on some planet.  I’ve been a reader and read something that literally was the defining moment between losing my mind and despair.

So yes I’ll use this platform to speak life.  I’ve had letters to my emails many times stating that something they read saved them from a bad decision, bad relationship, or even just a bad friendship.  Those are the moments that I use as fuel to keep me going.

Ever talk to someone who seemed to smile and then after a few words, they break into tears.  It’s usually because they were hurting and needed you to be there.  Listen people are cruel.  People are negative.  People are disheartening.  Why not be a breath of fresh air?

Speak life where death is.  Speak life where confusion is.  Take the time to make someone happy even when you are holding on by a string.  Smile.  Spread love.  Now that doesn’t mean I won’t still serve truth, cause that’s what I do but it’s still in love to help and not hinder.

Take my #spreadlove challenge.  Use the hashtag whenever you do something to make someone’s day.  It’s not to get recognition but to increase awareness that life isn’t about you, help someone today

Will you join?



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