All in the Design

Did you know that you have the power?  No I’m not talking about He-Man.  You actually have the power.

Situations and people can only be moved by your reactions to them.  We give up our power every time we allow our reaction to be the fuel.  Now listen it’s not always easy.  I’m a reaction type person and I’m definitely working on it, but the times when I haven’t reacted I’ve gained more ground.

Just a few weeks ago I was so upset cause I allowed another person and situation frustrate me to the point to where I went Katie Kaboom.  I’m talking about the type of go off to let you know you are meaningless, and storm off type of kaboom.  Sad part is that it only perpetuated what the other person had thought, said, and felt about me.  Me giving a piece of my mind didn’t change the other person to apologize and change how they treated me.  Let’s be honest I need all of my mind I can.

After I got over the guilt of the “I blew it again” thinking I sat for moments in time thinking of what to do going forward.  I came to the conclusion that since I was in control of myself than I would be the change I wanted to see.  First thing was for me to shut up.  Omg, did I just say that? Yes, shut up.  I had to stop trying to defend myself against folks who are going to hold their position about me no matter how hard I tried to change their perception of me.  No more need to prove myself.  If that was the case, the fight was over.

At this point in time I had to think what was more important and change the game.  No more fueling folks.  Give it up.  You won’t win the battle but you can have peace.  Peace is way more important than anything.  Even though I had to go off it was designed to help me.  Yes, the negative didn’t need to stay that way unless I allowed it.  I was super glad looking back.

I’m not perfect and just like most people insecurities, and the need to be right, or the need to be in control can be overwhelming.  Take the high road.  Learn to put your own boundaries.  Learn to put stops on the inside that guards your heart, mind, and your emotional health.  See I said learn, so you don’t let failure hold you down.   Trust in the process.

Don’t keep doing the same thing and look for a different response.   Take the time to stop yourself from becoming your own pit stop.  Own your responsibility and behavior.  Take the moment to acknowledge your flaws that way no one else can use them against you.  Change you and only you because you own the power of self.



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