Women’s Month-Let’s celebrate some awesome women

To start this week’s salute to awesome women, I have to start by acknowledging the women that have influenced my existence.

Let’s start with my great grandmother, Olivia Sims known as Mommo.  She is the mother of 12 children and no that isn’t a typo.  She was 95 years young.  One of my fondest memories of her was when I was about 11 and my parents sent my twin and I down south to spend a summer with her and my late great grandfather.  They have a lot of land and many gardens.  We learned how to fish, plant and cook.  It was one of the trips where I got to sit and talk to her about things that I didn’t understand until I was an adult.  Mommo is one of the most sweetest women I know that has love for each and everyone she comes in contact.  She’s is full of life and her legacy is definitely one that every women should have.  She is an amazing caregiver.  She loves God and that has been one of the things I love about her.  She is unwavering in her faith.  She’s been through so much but the grace she has is unexplainable.

Next is my grandmother Savannah Steward.  She is the mother of 2, Starlett McGinnis and Rhonda Allen who is my mother.  Savannah or grandma from Ohio as we called her growing up is a fighter.  She was in an abusive relationship and with nothing worked hard and provided for her daughters.  She has shown me how to depend on myself and be confident that with or without a man life goes on.  She is strength.  She is one that I literally can talk about anything.  Nothing I’ve ever told her has caught her off guard.  She grew up in church and her faith is strong.  Growing up my mother would play the Winans “Ain’t no need to worry” as we got closer to her house and now everytime I hear it, makes me think of her.

My other grandma, Barbara Allen Sr. is a woman of faith as well.  She is the mother of 6.  She is one that is always thinking of others.  I remember growing up and during the holidays she made sure everyone was thought of.  If you know her she shops all year long.  So when even an unexpected guest stops by there’s something for them as well.  She loves her family there’s no denying that.  She sings with her children, the Allen Family Singers at various churches all over with her husband Curtis.  She is affectionately called mother Allen at church where she’s held many positions.

Lastly but not least is my mother Rhonda Allen.  This is one strong woman.  She had me at the age of 18 with my twin.  I also have a brother as well.  Growing up I was always called little Rhonda.  I look just like her although she denies it often.  Being that she had us young never stopped her from accomplishing her goals.  I remember many days she walked us back and forth to the sitter and was never late to work.  Whether she was single or married she always made sure she let us know by her words and actions to take care of ourselves.  One rule she always stated, “pay your sitter and your rent because you gonna need both.”  She always stressed that while you are taking care of others, take care of you.  My mother also showed me to always have a relationship with God. I’ve seen her in some tests I know I wouldn’t have passed but with tears streaming down her face, she never gives up.

These beautiful women literally are my foundation.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking little pieces, from each of them.  Who are your foundation?  Let them know you love them.  Happy women’s month.  Look for more featured women.



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