They Stay Watching

It amazes me when people do the most to bring another person down.  It comes from a hurtful place.  Hurt people hurt people.

Sinner or saint we ALL have a past.  One thing I was always taught is to not be ashamed of my past.  Often times people will bring you down and attribute character flaws as the cement of who you are.  Although the past may be able to speak about how you might act, it doesn’t define you unless you give it permission to.

We all know of stories of people who have been in jail and when they get out they can’t get anyone to believe in their change.  What happens?  Unless they are set against allowing it to hold them,  they return to what they know.  You have to be willing to define yourself. You can always break cement although it may take work and rebuild.

Another issue with the past is the sting of shame.  People literally shame you for what you have done and want you to feel bad everytime they come in your presence and then say I want you to do better.  Listen some folks can’t just get past shame.  Shame is crippling but it  can be fought through.

Once the sting of shame is gone when the past is brought up you won’t allow it to affect you anymore.  Now im not on a campaign to tell all of your business, but when the opportunity comes let folks know yes that was the old me.  In order to do that one has to make the necessary changes.  You can’t change what you won’t confront.

Lastly understand that even with all good intentions, someone somewhere will have nothing better to do than attempt to hold you to your former self.  If you are looking for a happy wagon after you have changed you will be sadly mistaken.  Get it through your heart that some folks will never be able to celebrate your happiness.  They aren’t necessarily haters but they definitely have one vision.

Sometimes while making changes, you may have to walk alone for period of time.  It’s unsettling to walk alone because of the loneliness.  No one likes to walk alone but it’s necessary.  If you have lived a little like the old people would say there’s going to be a moment when you will be alone but I promise you it will make you stronger.

Don’t let the past hold you not another day.  Don’t let folks and their whispers stop you.  There’s a lesson to be learned in your mistakes.  Get an accountability partner to help you where you have a weak moment.  Be careful of who you share your heart with.  Don’t let your desire to be connected allow you to make a mistake in who you open up to.  Did you not know there’s always someone down the road that will need to hear how to make it out?  You don’t think that even in your mistake, it was supposed to count you out?  If you did, I’m here to remind you that’s not the case.  I got a few shy readers who are thinking I can’t help anyone but there’s a testimony in your life and someone is already watching, might as well make it a story of overcoming.



4 thoughts on “They Stay Watching

  1. This comment is to Terry Norris-McNeil: Dear Terry, this was such a powerful message. I can relate to much of what you shared; and want you to know how much I love, respect and honor you as a Sister in Christ; and want you to know that I will continue to hold you close in thought and prayers; and am here for you if there is ever anything I can do to support and encourage you. I greatly admire, love and respect you and your beautiful family; you are truly an asset to our church family.

    You are brave to post that courageous and inspirational testimony; which I am certain will serve to lift and encourage many of women who can also relate to some of what you’ve experienced. Continue to lean on God’s Strength and He will always see us through whatever adversity we face; and bring us through the refiner’s fire closer to Him, and deeper and stronger in faith. Much love, Carolyn Williams


    • I have made sure she could see this. The message you left was beautiful and encouraging thank you. It’s not easy for others to share their story. I believe there is an extra special healing in just talking about

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