Spring into Expectations

Well its the first of spring and living in the East I woke up to snow.  Yes snow on the first day of spring, what a start.

When I think of Spring I think of warm weather, bunnies, Easter, flowers, and dresses.  My list may be superficial but it’s what makes me happy.  Spring is the season when things come into bloom.  All winter long we endured the cold where things have seemed to have died.

Spring is renewal.  I think about the areas in my life that could use some blooming.  Whether its finances, home life, career, it’s time to make changes.  Even though we woke up to snow for most of us, it doesn’t mean that I will allow that to damper my mood.  I still have the awaited joy that this day is all about.

What could you change today.  I know many women who switch out their makeup,  revamp wardrobe, etc and let me just say you should do those things while you look inward.  As much as we want to change-up our outside we should put equal time in getting ourselves ready for newness.

Ladies, we about to get summer time fine but how is your attitude?  What about how well do you treat others?  What about that man you been with who takes from you constantly?  Get rid of the junk.  Yesterday I started my spring cleaning.  You know that sho nuff cleaning where you scrub, clean walls – do the same in your life.

I have expectations of enjoying all I can.  Warm weather has a way of making you feel great about yourself.  But in case the weather has you down or you are suffering from and being down, here is my spring list for your physical and inward self:


1. Enroll in a new class.  Groupon is offering spin classes, kick boxing, etc.  Get active and do it for pennies on the dollar

2. Switch out your makeup-its time to get brighter colors, and either clean or obtain new brushes.  Check your makeup in general sometimes you may need a lighter foundation and don’t forget to hydrate. Also get manicures and pedicures as sandal season will be here, well when the snow melts anyway.

3. Dresses are so in.  Invest in a few pieces that make you feel beautiful. No matter the size there’s a look for you

4. Start a new project.  Want to make your home beautiful and don’t know how, research or attend home improvement classes at Home Depot, etc

5. Plan a sisters or friends get away.  Ladies keep in touch with your friends.  Even if you’re a mom or just a busy woman on the go nothing says spring more than girl talk, and fun times


1. Counseling-find a professional that could help you work on your issues.  Keep in mind that you are the only one responsible for your happiness there’s nothing wrong with getting help to get there.

2. Make a list of areas you want to change and make an action plan.  Write the vision and make it plain.  No need to just talk let’s see it and make it happen.

3. Make amends. Yes apologies for things you have done.  You can’t go higher if you’re not willing to clear the paths of things you have already done.  Keep in mind it doesn’t even matter if they deserve an apology.  The apology is for you not them.

4. Connect with family.  Sometimes family can hinder progress especially if you have a strained relationship.  Attempt to make peace with them as no one is an island.

5. Detox.  Yes get rid of toxic people.  If after you have made peace some people aren’t worth the investment.  You don’t need toxic people zapping life out of you.  It’s not enough to acknowledge them you need to purge them.  People say they want things to be different then its time to DO different things.

Spring or leap into expectations.  It’s up to you to make the best of the life you were given. I know some women struggle with being okay with putting themselves at the top of the list, but you must.  Make this spring the best it can be!! Happy Spring all!



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