Warm your dating tools!

So all winter has been cold and now you want to go out and find love.  It’s time to dust up on some dating tips to get you ready to find the love you are looking for. 

Online dating is huge now.  More couples are dating and marrying starting from online dating than ever before.  I know people who have had personal success doing it.  As always be careful of who you meet.  Everyone is able to be their best self behind a computer.  Always be sure to meet in a very public place for your meet and greet.  Tell someone who you are meeting including a description of who you are meeting as well.  I know you are grown but grown folks come up missing everyday from not being cautious all the time.  If the person you are meeting doesn’t match what they put online, be skeptical.  Use common sense.  Don’t let love take over your inner voice telling you something isn’t right. 

Along with online dating, get out the house.  Sorry but they aren’t delivering men or women by drones.  So you need to get out and socialize and enjoy the life that you have.  Little tip, that’s how you usually find the person.  While you’re out and about looking your best, Mr. or Mrs. Right will be right there.

It’s getting nicer outside soon so you will want to get out and enjoy a sporting events.  Yes if you’re looking to be around where men may be than you will need to be where they are.  How about at an arts exhibit.  Yes men are there too.  While you’re on vacation getting some sun he could be there.  The point is that there is so much life to live that while you’re doing just that he will see you.

Lastly, like momma always says look your best when you walk out.  Have you ever been out looking a hot mess and see a very attractive man and said darn I should have gotten dressed? Well to end that, always look your best when you go out.  That’s not to say y.ou have to have a face full of makeup but wear and look like you want him to find you.

Lastly as I’ve always said, get your insides to be just as attractive as your outside.  Nothing is worst than seeing a woman with a beautiful body, gorgeous face, and an ugly attitude.  If you haven’t gotten over your last man, than its best that you work on getting over him first.  Your new man shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of your last man. 

Happy dating and don’t put pressure on yourself.  I remember in my 20s saying I was going to be married by a certain time.  We’ll let’s be clear my life didn’t go as I pressured myself to do.  So let go of the anxiety of locking down a husband.  Yes men can tell because when you open your mouth it says I’m desperate instead of it saying I’m dating to marry but I haven’t planned our wedding during this dinner. 

Not everyone you meet is your husband.  I personally know of women who go into dates and wonder why he doesn’t call you back.  Ladies, be a little easier on yourself.  Love is out there and it didn’t miss you.  If you haven’t found him yet take courage.  You don’t want any man you want YOUR man.  



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