Lazy Love

Have you ever dated someone who seemed like they didn’t go out their way for you?  Ever date someone who seemed to only call you when it benefitted them?  Two things are going on either they don’t love you like they say or you are making it easy for them to love you with lazy love.

If you have a concept of 50/50 in a relationship than you are working with the wrong set of numbers.  It really should be 100/100.  You and the one you are dating and eventually marry should be all in.  Don’t make it easy for someone to give you the portion they want. 

There’s never an excuse for someone to let you down numerous times and for the sake of not being alone let that be okay.  Someone you are with should always be there giving you the type of love that’s almost overwhelming.  That love that is unconditional and free.  If your single, dating, or married and reading this thinking I’m off, than what type of love do you have?

I know of plenty of women in a relationship and lonely.  What type of love is this to have a title of it but not the responsibility and benefit of it?  You have got to set the standard of what you want.  If someone isn’t giving you the love you need, ask for it and then don’t settle once its not received. 

Be vigilant to getting what you want out of someone.  Love is easy but the actions, feelings etc take work to help grow and nurture.  You should have the type of love that encourages you to do better, want more, and accomplish goals.  Anything less than that means you are sharing this love or not being loved at all.



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