Lies you tell

Okay so it’s not secret that in life and love there are many things that attempt to knock you off of the pursuit. 

Sometimes the lies we entertain are the ones that we make to be truth and they arent.  Today let’s talk about a few of them.

Too old for love

When is it ever too old to love?  Um, never.  I would rather wait for the right love than not to have been loved at all.  Some people go through life and end up with a few bad apples and when they get older they find the love their heart has been in search for.  What makes a person find that real love at a more older and seasoned age? Simple, they have figured themselves out.  When you’re young and folks say date yourself some young folks get mad.  If you are in that state let me encourgae you that the more you know of yourself the more you know about what you will and will not tolerate from another person.

When you’re in your 20s you just date for fun, meals, sex, etc.  In your 30s you date for the sake of settling down, and starting families.  In your 40s and 50s you date for companionship.  It’s in your 60s and up that you want to have some fun and really don’t want to waste time with just anyone.  Again as you get older you should become wiser in your preferences.


Women with children can’t marry

This is a huge lie.  Let’s be honest most people aren’t saving themselves for marriage.  Don’t get it twisted I’m not pushing for sex outside of marriage but life happens and so there is a huge population of people who have children and often feel like who will take me and my kids.

My answer to that is the right man will.  There are outstanding men who welcome to treat a woman and her children with respect and love.  So don’t count yourself out if you have children.  Make sure you are being the best mom and the best you that you can be and love is sure to follow.  Whatever you do be selective in who you do allow your children to be around. 

There aren’t any good men left

This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves often times cause it makes a seemingly good excuse as to why we haven’t found someone.  The reality is that there are good men but we attract what we are.  We don’t spend a lot of time working on our insides as much as we worry about our outside.  We attract so many jokers in our lives and then say I can’t find a good one.  Well that’s when you need to do a self exam and find the root of who you are bringing around you.

Often times we are concerned in how the story unfolds.  What that means is that we focus on how we meet the person that we sometimes aren’t open to a man that is attempting to get our attention.  Hence women make list and list a lot of physical characteristics of what they want.  Listen nothing wrong with preference, but don’t let preference go against what you really need. 

Love and life don’t come with a manual.  However never close yourself off from learning and gleaming from those who are where you want to be.  We will answer a few more myths and lies we have told ourselves this week.


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