Cold World

We live in dangerous times.  Random acts of violence are at an all time high.  People are hurting and we all know by now that hurt people hurt people. 

It’s time to make a change.  Some people are so dark and have so much hate that they can only see and think of themselves.  When something big happens then we all jump on the bandwagon of helping others.

It’s time to make random acts of kindness.  We should always look for ways to pay it forward.  Christmas time I asked my followers to do one random act and I got great responses.  Christmas shouldn’t be the only time you want to give.

For those saying that you don’t have anything to give or that you can do have no idea of the human spirit.  I was once at a coffee shop and had a woman pay for me and my children’s snacks.  She did it ever so discreetly and it put a big smile on my face.  She had no idea that day that I was having a bad day and my goal was to treat my kids and turn my day around.

What can you do or are you willing to do.  Money is an issue for most but you don’t have to have money to touch someone.  Start off by being conscience to smile at everyone you come in contact with. Also you can assist someone in your neighborhood with their yard, or bring in groceries.  The most valuable asset you have is your time. 

Single mom’s could use a hand.  Older people can use a hand.  There isn’t anyone in this world who doesn’t need to know someone other than them cares.  People are suffering in the dark due to not feeling love and support.  I’m not saying we can heal the world but we can offer a few moments of peace and calm.

Also make it a family thing.  My kids are always hearing the message of love and care.  They give away their toys a b out 4 times a year.  If you’ve been to my home than you know they are blessed and can stand to bless others.  Kids learn from example.  As a parent it’s my job to teach them about the struggle many face even if they themselves don’t have to experience it.

Again let’s make someonelse smile.  Use hashtag #toigiveback and when your friends ask tell them and encourage them to pay it forward.  One thing is for sure do it looking for nothing in return but understand the principle that you never know when you will need the grace of a stranger in your midst.  #toigiveback


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