It’s not have you, it’s we know you have, Love and Hip Hop Edition

In case you don’t keep up with the blogs, Mendeecees, the fiancé of Yandy Smith has decided to plead guilty of drug trafficking.  The couple is scheduled to be married on a Vh1 special next month.

Now I know some people are like why are you covering this?  Let me enlighten you, I as many of some of you watch the show and therefore if you watch carefully just because Yandy is on television she’s not the only woman who has had a man go to jail during their dating period and marry him and have kids. 

As soon as the news broke about an hour ago, the blogs have been lit on fire with comments and I’m sure we all have an opinion one way or the other.  Women coming together to say how stupid Yandy was for not walking away and cutting her loses.  Women stating how dumb Yandy was for having another child with him knowing his situation once he was released on bail. 

What we as women tend to forget is that we all have issues in the love department.  Just because Roscoe didn’t go to jail didn’t mean you didn’t make a bad decision in love by sticking close when you should have bailed.  Yandy is a grown woman who along with her children will have to bear the decision she made. 

I don’t feel sorry for her as far as her being of sound mind and making the decision to be the “ride or die chick.”  I feel sorry that she has to go through this publicly while the whole world throws their 5 cents in.  Yes she’s a public figure and that may come along with the package but at night when shes raising these babies by herself she’s still a woman who opened her heart and fell in love. 

Now don’t get it twisted I may not have made the same decision but because I know my decisions in love over the years haven’t always been perfect I for one will not throw a stone at Yandy.  The way Yandy is portrayed comes off as someone who is hard working and motivated.  I have no doubt she will rise above this and live her everyday life caring and protecting her children. 

I was asked before on whether she should marry Mendeecees and my answer is love isn’t always black and white.  She should make the best decision for her.  She has to live with holding him down for 8-10 years he’s supposed to receive.  Since marriage is a lifetime if she believes their love is strong enough to make it then who am I? 

I wouldn’t suggest that be anyone’s love story at all.  However once you’re in the middle of it with all eyes on you its easier to say what she should do and what she shouldn’t do.  I pray that her children can come to terms as they are the real victims in this.  I wish the Smith family the best in this and pray that Mandeecees truly learns his lesson.  We are losing too many of our men to drug dealing and drug trafficking. 



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