Round and Round we go!

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single and dating and engaged you have been in a situation where you have been back and forth with a person. 

It’s one of the things that can make or break a relationship.  No one male or female and I do mean no one wants to keep arguing over the same thing for more than 6 months.  If you find yourself asking for something that long please come to terms that the other person isn’t able to give you what you need.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not easy to turn off feelings as freely as one would want but it’s necessary.  Think about the times you have rode the roller coastal with your significant other.  The time that you spent combing over the same stuff you could have had been using that time on another goal but you don’t.

Listen even in marriages people burn out and burn out quick.  Yes you can place blame on the other person but you bear some responsibility as well.  If you’re married and you find that you are burning out please seek help.  If you and your partner are unwilling than you have a bigger issue but it doesn’t mean oh well let it sit.  You have to make real decisions and quick. 

Roller coaster rides can provide some great fun but emotional roller coaster don’t work the same way.  One or both parties usually want to get off and are too scared to speak up.  How much is your peace worth?  We spend too much time in unhappy relationships and we make too many excuses.

For my readers with children, it’s never a good thing to stay for the sake of kids.  Don’t insult your children’s intelligence to think they don’t know that you aren’t happy.  They hear the arguments, they see the sadness, they see the tears, please do the right thing for you and them.  Many marriages have stayed together for children and have been in dangerously emotional cess pools of foolishness.

Like my mom would say you pay one way or another.  How much you willing to keep paying for this malfunctioning ride?  Make all the excuses you want but trust me I’ve been there too but who is the one angry, not talking, and bitter?  Keep it real with your heart, often times we know when things have run its course.

Another thing is if you know deep down you just need to find your happiness and the stress you are putting on your mate is unjustified.  You can have every thing in the world and still be unhappy it’s all cause you got issues you need to work out.  Don’t make the other person suffer through your personal issues.  Give your relationship a chance by working your own stuff out.  Many arguments start from one person playing over and over the things they didn’t get, what they thought they deserved, and what someone did in the past that can’t be changed. 

When it’s all said and done you will end the ride and I pray it’s sooner than later so that you don’t look back and say why didn’t I do this sooner.  Get off the ride and ride the waves of happiness, peace, contentment.



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