We are all designed to work!!

We are designed to work whether you belive it or not.  When something is given to you, you usually lose it.  Think about the people who win the lottery, they end up losing that money cause its not something they had to work for.

Closed doors are a part of life.  Sometimes we allow the doors to hinder us.  You have to know anything worth having is worth working for.  So a door was shut?  Do you know how many nos you will hear before you finally get your yes?  Sometimes many. 

We don’t like to struggle.  The minute struggle comes into play we give up.  Some of us are okay with it but then if the struggle seems to be too much after we lost faith and got it back then we get frustrated again.  The truth of the matter is struggle is a part of the plan.  It never feels good but you have to trust the process.

We have to work for what we want.  Nothing is handed to us.  If you want it do like Mary Mary and Go get it.  I know in situations it’s easier said then done but I believe that when you take the first step, the increase is coming.  Sometimes just stepping out on faith is enough to make it happen.  I’ve gone to some interviews and it seemed by accident it all lined up because I worked getting a new job like a full time job.

What are you not working at?  Need to lose weight but sitting around like weight will just fall off?  Good luck with it – you have to work.  Gym memberships aren’t an excuse either.  There was only one time after the birth of my first daughter that I had a membership somewhere. Get yourself a jump rope and some weights and a yoga mat and get to it.  Let me guess, small kids with you at home-get them to work out too.  Your kids are already jumping around off of stuff channel their energy.

Want a new place?  Look for one.  Make appointments every day to see new places.  Credit can’t be the issue either. Take small steps to clean it up and still get out there.  Talk to people in your own network.  Often times we have people in our midst who have connections. 

Want a new man?  First stop messing with the man you know don’t mean you well.  You got to clean up your insides before you work on your outsides.  It doesn’t matter what you want, you got to work to get there.  Take the time to inhale positive vibes and exhale negativity. 

And center yourself.  Folks want everyone to hold their hand while we go through and reality is everyone going through things.  You have to really go deep inside of yourself and pull up your own encouragement.  Be careful who you share your dreams with as well.  You will be surprised if you never stepped out on faith before the negative comments people will say to others about you.  Be prepared.  If you tend to need support, look for it in the weirdest places that are unfamiliar to you.  Just like with this blog it’s folks who don’t even know me that write me and encourage me than it is the ones who do. 

There’s not a dream that can’t be met with some good old fashion work.  Let’s work this Monday morning.  You already know what not working has gotten you.  Make it in your mind and heart that today it happens.  Every morning speak over yourself.  Trust me it’s important in a world that speaks hatred envy, and jealousy over each other everyday.  What do you have to lose?  Work. 



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