Moms Week: No Perfect Mom!

It’s almost Mother’s Day, the day we honor those who have given us life. We get mom’s all kinds of special gifts whether homemade or bought.  However it’s during these times that mom’s can have a tough time because as women we tend to measure ourselves against other women and moms.

If you’re a mom, relax yourself.  You don’t always have to have a perfect persona.  Children will wear you down if you allow it.  Just because you had a mini meltdown don’t let the strong woman persona weigh on you to the point you feel guilty for being human.

When I had my children I would see these well put together women whose makeup looked effortlessly flawless, heels, and think to myself that less that 5 minute shower was a treat let alone all of that.  However even though days like that still exist I’ve taken more pride in making sure that I have more on my brain than mom mode.

Moms make mistakes.  Who woulda thunk?  Yes moms aren’t perfect.  We cry, yell, say the wrong things, give up temporarily, and need help from time to time.  We have this notion that we have to be all and do all but we dont.  We have a lot on our plate but it’s okay to delegate to others. 

Mom’s it’s your week.  Savor the moment.  I pray that all moms are treated everyday with love and grace that they should be shown all year long.  Single moms, married mom’s divorced mom, etc please know perfection is in the will to keep trying and not in not making mistakes.  Breath.  No two moms are the same.  What works for one may not work for all.  Let’s support moms to make personal and familiar choices. 



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