My Birthday Message

Well my birthday is today on mothers day.  I celebrated my 34th today and yesterday while trying to figure out my plans, I wasn’t able to accomplish all my goals.  My frustration was to the roof.

So at home, while having some quiet time I baked a cake.  For me baking is my little passion as I’m trying to acquire and master more and more recipes.  So I gave some thought on what I’ve done in my 34 years.  I could go with all the obvious such as a marriage, kids, degree, etc but I really looked at my pictures and wanted to know exactly what I wanted.

Some people believe that your pictures really share your inner workings. Most of my pictures are seemingly happy however since I know the background of the events that were represented it made me pause.  What would make me happy?  Genuine happiness.  What would I even look like?  The fact that I couldn’t say I was purely happy just completely made me think.

I pulled out my journal.  It’s my go to for everything. I began to write each area of my life and find what made me happy in each.  I came to some tough conclusions.  My relationships with some need to change.  My boundaries with others need to be tighter.  My complaints need to be silenced and placed into an action plan and lastly I need to be content and the only way to do that is to let go and let God.

Now you know right well that these aren’t things that’s a foreign concept.  However behind words on a paper it’s about really living it.  I can not be who I need to be by just accepting life on the mere surface and not be willing to dig deep enough to get to my greatness.

Think about it in simpler terms.  As women we all know that if you have a blemish it’s due to the dirt and bacteria that’s deep down.  However if you only surface clean your face and don’t get to where the bacteria is, the blemishes will only return over and over again.  What are you willing to do?

We often state that we get a new start at the new year.  I think we get new starts at many other intervals and one is birthdays.  The goal I have this year I want to accomplish them by the next birthday, next year, next month.  We have no excuse to make renewals.  We can be confident in the skin that we are in. I’m blessed to see this new year.  I’m blessed to be able to gain new perspectives as well as make the best of my time here.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I do best, new year, new challenges, new goals…reset let’s go!!



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